Department of Operations and Business Analytics

Fisher Building

Our faculty are active researchers who have a long tradition of being leaders in their fields and contributing their expertise to businesses, policy makers, and government officials. Faculty regularly publish in top-tier Journals.

Our faculty also are dedicated educators who prepare students to become effective leaders . The Faculty are consistently engaged in developing leading educational approaches, focusing on action-based learning and the use of technology both in the classroom and through hybrid course delivery. Their impact on the college and the student body is reflected in the many teaching awards bestowed upon them in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Chair: James Hill

OBA Faculty
Elliot Bendoly Distinguished Professor of Operations and Business Analytics, PhD Coordinator, SMB-Analytics Co-Director, Department Editor, Technology Management, JOM, Former Assoc. Dean of Undergraduate Students/Programs
W.C. Benton Edwin D. Dodd Professor of Management , Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Christian Blanco Assistant Professor
Kenneth Boyer Fisher Designated Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
Aravind Chandrasekaran

Professor of Operations, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Executive Education

Nathan Craig Associate Professor
John Draper Assistant Professor of Clinical Operations and Business Analytics
Douglas Evans Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences
John Gray Professor of Operations, Part-Time Consultant, Office of Science and Technology, Executive Office of President (White House)
Ralph Greco Senior Lecturer, Director, Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights
Renard Green Program Director
Nicholas G. Hall Berry Family Professor of Operations Management
Jurriaan de Jong Senior Lecturer
Nil Karacaoglu Assistant Professor
Terry Klinker Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences
Jessica Kohlschmidt Senior Lecturer
Telesilla Kotsi Assistant Professor
Steve Lundregan Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences, Associate Director, COE
Rakesh Mallipeddi Assistant Professor
Whitney Mantonya Senior Lecturer
Erin McKie Assistant Professor
Mi Kyong Newsom Clinical Assistant Professor, Lean Six Sigma Academic Director
Andrea M Prud'homme Associate Professor - Clinical, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Students
David Schilling Professor Emeritus
Bonnie Schroeder Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences
Ismael Talke Senior Lecturer
Jill Treece Senior Lecturer
David Veech Senior Lecturer
Peter Ward Richard M. Ross Emeritus Chair in Management, Academic Director, Center for Operational Excellence
PHD Students
Peter Carrera
Soh Hyun Chu
Mateus Ferreira-Lima
Jane Iversen
Mohamed Megahed
Nikhil Sharma
Zach Wright
OBA Staff Member Phone E-mail
Tiffany Cooper
Academic Program Coordinator, OBA Department
Danielle DiFrancesco
Academic Program Assistant