Aravind Chandrasekaran

Professor of Operations
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Executive Education

Office of the Dean

Operations and Business Analytics

Center for Operational Excellence (COE)


Dr. Aravind Chandrasekaran (AC) is the Fisher Distinguished Professor in Operations and Business Analytics at the Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University. He received his PhD in Operations and Management Sciences from the University of Minnesota. Dr.Chandrasekaran’s research investigates innovation, learning and knowledge creation issues in a variety of industries including high-tech R&D, manufacturing and health-care delivery. In recent years, he has begun to study the challenges involved in developing patient-centric healthcare models by conducting field experiments in collaboration with several physician and nursing leaders in the United States.  His research has been published in all top OM journals including Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (MSOM), Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, as well as other premier journals including Information Systems Research, Journal of General Internal Medicine, Journal of Surgical Research and Harvard Business Review. His research has won several awards including the 2017 Poets and Quants 40 Under 40 Top Business School Professors in the world, 2012 INFORMS-Industry Studies Best Paper Award, 2013 Carol J. Latta Emerging Leadership Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar by the Decision Sciences Institute and 2015 Pace Setters Award for Research.

Dr. Chandrasekaran currently serves as the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Executive Education at the Fisher College of Business. He oversees all the graduate programs including Full-time MBA, Working Professional MBA, Specialized Masters as well as executive masters programs including EMBA, the Master of Business in Operational Excellence (MBOE) and non-degree executive education. He has developed several custom teaching and research programs for organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Ford Motor Company and Zimmer. He has won several teaching awards including the 2016 & 2012 Best Outstanding Core Professor Award (WPMBA), as well as the 2013 Pace Setter Award for Teaching Excellence.  

 In terms of external service, Dr. Chandrasekaran currently serves as the Department Editor for the Intervention-Based Research Department at JOM, and Senior Editor at POMS.  He also served as track chairs at several conferences including POMS, INFORMS and DSI. He reviews frequently for several leading academic journals including Management Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, MSOM, Decision Sciences and Journal of Marketing and Health Service Research.


  • Chan Hahn Best Paper (Academy of Management) (2021) 
  • Poets and Quants Best 40 Under 40 Professors (2017)
  • Outstanding Core Professor (2016)
  • Pace Setters Research Award (2015)
  • Carol J. Latta Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar (awarded by DSI)  (2013)
  • Winner of INFORMS – ISA Best Paper Award (2013)
  • Daniel Westerbeck Graduate Teaching Excellence Award (2013)     
  • Outstanding Reviewer for Decision Sciences Journal  (2012)
  • Outstanding Core Professor in WPMBA Program (2012)

Areas of Expertise

  • Product and Process Innovation
  •  Healthcare Operations 

  • Operations Strategy 
  • Knowledge Management
  • Multilevel Issues in Operations Management

Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
Production/Operations Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Operations Strategy
  • Quality Improvement
  • Technology Management


  • PhD in Business Administration, University of Minnesota
  • MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • BS, College of Engineering, Anna University India


Published Articles

  • Peng, X., Y. Ye, X. Ding, A. Chandrasekaran. The impact of nursing staffing on turnover and quality: An empirical examination of nursing care within hospital units. Forthcoming Journal of Operations Management
  • Lan Y., A. Chandrasekaran, Gordia, D., D. Walker. 2022. Collaboration Structures in Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems: An Exploratory Study of Accountable Care Organizations. MSOM, 24(3) 1796-1820
  • Pan, M., A. Chandrasekaran, J. Hill, M. Rungtusatham. 2022. Multidisciplinary R&D Project Success in Small Firms: The Role of Multi-Project Status and Project Management Experience. Forthcoming at Production and Operations Management  
  • Chun, Y., S. Harris, A. Chandrasekaran, K. Hill 2022. Improving Care Transitions with Standardized Peer Mentoring: Evidence from Intervention Based Research Using Randomized Control Trial. Journal of Operations Management 68(2) 185-214 
  • Lan Y., Gordia, D., A. Chandrasekaran. 2022. Ancillary Cost Implications of Physicians Multisiting and Inter-Organizational Collaboration during Healthcare Delivery.  Production and Operations Management 31 (2) 561-582 
  • Basole, R., E. Bendoly, A. Chandrasekaran, K. Linderman 2022. Visualization in Operations Management Research. INFORMS Journal of Data Science
  • Ye, Y, D. Peng, D. Xing, A. Chandrasekaran 2022. Cost- Quality Tradeoff In Nurse Staffing: An Exploration of US Hospitals Facing Market Competition. International Journal of Operations and Production Management
  • Lampman, M., A. Chandrasekaran, Shah, N., Brenda M., Giblon R., M. Tumerman, B. Staats., P. Ward, D. Rushlow. 2021. Optimizing huddle engagement through leadership and problem solving within primary care: results from a cluster-randomized trial. Journal of General Internal Medicine 36(8) 2292-2299
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  • Lan, Y., B. Massimino, J. Gray, A. Chandrasekaran. 2020. The Effects of Product Development Network Position on Product Performance and Confidentiality Performance. Forthcoming at Journal of Operations Management
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  • Choo, A.S., Chandrasekaran, A. and Chinaprayoon, C., 2020. The Role of Domestic and Foreign Knowledge Inflows on the Relationship between R&D Portfolio Mix and Innovation Outcomes: An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Firms in an Emerging Economy. Decision Sciences51(2), pp.349-394.
  • Kale, S., Chandrasekaran, A., Kullgren, J., Moline, T., Hritz, C., Russell, D. and Mortazavi, A., 2020. Impact of Team-Based Care Models: A Lean Six Sigma Strategy to Improve Palliative Team Effectiveness and Reduce 30-Day Readmissions. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management59(2), pp.510-511.
  • Chandrasekaran, A., Toussaint, J., 2019. Creating a culture of Continuous ImprovementHarvard Business Review Digital Article.


  • R.G. Schroeder and A. Chandrasekaran, "Instructors Test Bank and Students' Online Quizzes," in Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts andCases, 3rd edition (McGraw-Hill/ Irwin, 2005).


Working Papers

  • Sharma, L., Chandrasekaran A. The Impact of Hospital Information Technology Adoption Process on Quality of Care and Cost. 
  • Pan, M., Chandrasekaran, A., Hill J., Rungtusanatham M., When Should Small Firms Conduct R&D Projects Externally? Evidence from Science and Technology Industry.
  • Lan, Y.C., Chandrasekaran, A., Walker D.  Collaboration in Accountable Care Organizations: The Impact of Continuum of Care and Provider scale
  • Chun, Y., S. Harris, A. Chandrasekaran. Managing Patient Care Transitions: A Randomized Control Trial 


  • MBA 6230 - Operations Management

    How the operations function contributes to ensuring effective and efficient flow of materials and information within and outside the organization. Prereq: Enrollment in Executive MBA program or Working Professional MBA program; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 850. Repeatable to a maximum of 3 cr hrs. This course is progress graded.

  • BUSOBA 7800 - Advanced Topics in Management Sciences for EMBA

    Advanced Topics in Management Sciences for students in the Executive MBA Program. Prereq: Enrollment in EMBA program. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 cr hrs or 7 completions.

  • BUSOBA 4998 - Undergraduate Research in Management Sciences

    Undergraduate Research in Management Sciences for non-honors students. Prereq: BusAdm 2291 (499), and Jr standing, and permission of instructor. This course is progress graded.

  • BUSOBA 8231 - Strategic Management of Operations II

    Doctoral research seminar: critical analysis of research in vertical integration decisions, and measuring operational effectiveness, interorganizational collaboration. Prereq: Enrollment in BusAdm PhD program.

  • BUSOBA 8240 - Operations Method I

    Doctoral research seminar: critical analysis of philosophy of science, qualitative/case study research, survey-based research, research employing secondary data sources. Prereq: Enrollment in BusAdm PhD program.

  • BUSOBA 8235 - Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

    Doctoral research seminar: Critical analysis of research in quality management, lean, six sigma, designing operations to support and sustain innovation, integrating technology into operations. Prereq: Enrollment in BusAdm PhD program.