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Next Up: Professional Development Meeting - Friday, Dec. 2

buca, peteCOE’s final event of 2016 is all about collaboration, a critical capability to succeed in any industry. When handoffs successfully facilitate the flow of information, products hit the market faster, patients are better cared for, and customers come back. The risks, however, are many: Employee burnout and frustration, intellectual property leaks and scope creep, to name just a few.

The day begins with a keynote from award-winning researcher Aravind Chandrasekaran, who will highlight key insights that can help managers mitigate collaboration challenges when working outside their four walls. The featured keynote of the day is Pete Buca (pictured, above left), a VP at Parker Hannifin, who will share the company’s remarkable story of collaboration with Cleveland Clinic that’s putting dozens of medical devices in the product development pipeline.

Keynotes will be livestreamed on Friday, Dec. 2 from 10:30 a.m. to noon EST and 1 to 2:30 p.m. EST. Employees of COE member companies can access the livestreams during these times by clicking the link below (Note: Requires authenticated username / password for COE Members Only section) ...

Livestream sessions

L Brands CEO Wexner shares leadership lessons from storied career

les wexner l brandsL Brands Founder, Chairman and CEO Les Wexner headlined a fall COE leadership seminar that attracted nearly 300 attendees, making it the largest of its kind in center’s nearly 25-year history. Here’s a look back at some of his best insights over a wide-ranging discussion that covered his personal philosophy on leadership – what he called “a lifetime executive education program you have to master for yourself” – along with his outlook on the retail business and his verdict on crucial past decisions he’s made.

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New & Improved: Members-Only Content

computerThe rollout of Fisher College of Business' new website also includes new changes to COE's website designed to maximize the user experience. Among them is a reorganization of the center's members-only content area. On the new COE website, each employee of a member company can create a user account and password that, once approved, opens access to the members-only content. In addition to logging in to live-stream events and accessing slides from COE's Leading Through Excellence summit, members can view our Digital Content Archive, which includes nearly a decade of live event webcasts and webinars. In the new Digital Content Archive, all content can be viewed by event date or event topic, while the "Staff Picks" section highlights the best presentations we have to offer. Head to the Members-Only section to get started ...

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