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The Office of Career Management provides many helpful handouts, videos, and resources for students to learn how to be the best-prepared job seekers.

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Visit our Frequently Asked Questions web page for answers to most questions concerning QUIC, internships, job search training, appointments, career fairs, Handshake, and more.

  • Open/Close Resumes

    Start Here: Creating a Polished Resume (Animated Short Video)


    *New* Resume Feedback through VMock 

    Vmock logo

    • VMock is an online, AI-based resume review service designed to help you make your resume more impactful through stronger wording, better layouts and a larger focus on your skills, all in an easy to navigate platform.  
    • Login with your OSU credentials at  
    • Upload your resume in PDF format and review personalized feedback 

     *Don’t worry if you start in the red or yellow zone – Vmock takes formatting into account so with a few quick fixes, your score can go up! The system guides you every step of the way with detailed feedback, including bullet statement suggestions.

  • Open/Close Cover Letters and Thank You Notes
  • Open/Close Interview Preparation

    These resources provide guidance for successful interviews and introduce you to the STAR technique for answering behavioral-based interview questions.

    Start Here: Interviewing Preparation (Animated Short Video)

    Video Interviews - Strategies for Success

    Tips and tricks to help students prepare for video interviews for internships or full time positions.

    Big Interview logo

    The Office of Career Management is pleased to offer you a free training system that features a new and innovative way to help you prepare more effectively for a job interview.

    Big Interview is an online system that combines training AND practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence.

    Big Interview offers a variety of tools including:

    • Mock interview practice and recording tool
    • Written and video curriculum covering the entire job search and interview process
    • Mechanism for sharing videos externally/internally for feedback
    • Resume tool including resume templates and A/I feedback and scoring

    Interview Preparation Videos:

    Are you prepared?


    How to Answer: "Tell me about yourself"
    Learn how to be informative and interesting while introducing yourself in the interview.


    How to Answer "Behavior Based Interview Questions"
    Learn how to answer open ended questions that ask you tell a story or explain a task.


    Interview Skills - Demonstrating Your Fit with the Company
    What do you know about my company - how to tell the recruiter what you know about their company and how you connect with it.


    How to Answer - "Why did you choose your major?"
    Hear advice from recruiters about why they ask this question and how best to answer it.


    How to Answer - "Why Should We Hire You for this Position?"
    Learn a simple structure for how to answer this question.


    How to Close an Interview
    Four critical things for successfully closing a job interview like a pro.


  • Open/Close Job and Internship Search
    • Career Management for the Business Student Are you curious about how to get started in taking advantage of the services of the Office of Career Management? Check out this handout which includes an overview of our services, some key facts and statistics about our students and their employment outcomes, and a year-by-year checklist of what you should be doing to be successful in your job search.
    • Job and Internship Search This handout provides information to help you assess yourself and your career goals. It provides a thorough list of both Fisher-specific resources and external resources to help you find internships and full-time career positions.
    • Tips for Sophomores Advice for sophomores seeking an internship. Learn about how previous second year Fisher students found their internships.
    • What to Do in Year 2: Tips for Sophomores
    • Handout on Developing Your Skills Virtually To provide opportunities for students to continue developing themselves personally and professionally in a predominately virtual environment, the Office of Career Management has compiled a list of online resources for students to explore on their own! The list connects students with materials to build their knowledge in various skill sets with accredited online entities, including Tableau, Udemy, Adobe Creative Cloud, and others. It is the Office of Career Management’s hope that amidst these uncertain times, this resource list can be a useful tool for Fisher students.
    • Job Search Guide for Transitioning Veterans From self-evaluation to career research, and resumes to interviewing preparation, Veterans can find tips and strategies for their job search in this helpful document.
    • Micro-Internships and Gig Opportunities Find paid, short-term projects through Parker Dewey that allow you to explore different career options, build your skills, and prove yourself to prospective employers.
    • Discover Accounting Job Board Provides educational information and resources on accounting careers.
    • Firsthand Career Engagement Platform: Fisher has arranged for undergraduates to have free, unrestricted access to all Firsthand has to offer, including:
      • Downloadable Career Guides
      • Employer profiles and rankings
      • Discussion boards
      • Firsthand's job board, which matches employers and recruiters with top talent
      • If you have not registered with Firsthand, click on "Create My Account" and use your OSU email address to get started.


  • Open/Close Networking and LinkedIn

    The Office of Career Management is pleased to announce the first in a series of recorded webinars designed to help you navigate the job search process in a virtual recruiting environment. This first webinar will help you understand how to manage your digital presence and network virtually.

    This document can help you learn about the benefits of conducting informational interviews to network and to learn about possible careers related to your major.

    To provide opportunities for students to continue developing themselves personally and professionally in a predominately virtual environment, the Office of Career Management has compiled a list of online resources for students to explore on their own! The list connects students with materials to build their knowledge in various skill sets with accredited online entities, including Tableau, Udemy, Adobe Creative Cloud, and others. It is the Office of Career Management’s hope that amidst these uncertain times, this resource list can be a useful tool for Fisher students.

    This handout was created by our Undergraduate Career Coaches and includes tips for making your LinkedIn profile stand out to employers. It also includes a tutorial on how to use LinkedIn to search for Alumni.

    Alumnifire is an online professional networking and mentoring tool for Ohio State alumni, students and staff to exchange industry expertise and career advice. Get connected with Alumnifire and join this powerful Buckeye network.

    Check out this resource to prepare to have a successful internship experience!

  • Open/Close Career Fair and Professional Dress

    Start Here: Career Fair Preparation (Animated Short Video)

    NEW: Preparing for a Virtual Career Fair Webinar


    Preparing for a Virtual Career Fair Webinar

    How do you stand out to an employer at a Career Fair? This PowerPoint details the steps you should take before, during, and after a career fair to be successful.

    Confused about the difference between business casual and business professional? Review these handouts for helpful tips on looking your best.

    Career Fair Preparation Videos:

    1. What to Expect at the Career Fair
    2. How to Prepare: Elevator Pitch, Company Research, and Professional Dress
    3. During the Career Fair: Engaging with Employers and Quick Tips
    4. After the Career Fair: Following Up with Employers and Utilizing Handshake
  • Open/Close Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers

    Summarizes the issues involved in accepting a job offer and takes you through the process of evaluating what is important to you (benefits? location? training? salary?) as you decide whether to accept a job offer.


    How to Best Manage the Job Offer Process

  • Open/Close International Student Resources

    The Office of Career Management offers a variety of resources and comprehensive support for international students.

    Visit our International Student Resources page for more information.

  • Open/Close Recognizing and Avoiding Job Scams

    The Ohio State University offers Handshake as a resource for employers to connect with Fisher students and alumni seeking internships, co-ops, and career-related jobs. Nationally, career services departments are reporting an uptick in fraudulent employer postings to online platforms. Ohio State strives to keep fraudulent and scam postings off the system; however, it is impossible to ensure that every posting is legitimate and impossible to keep track of every position after submission. Fisher relies on students to notify us if they feel a posting is potentially fraudulent. Therefore, we are sharing common “red flags,” to be on the lookout for when utilizing Handshake or any other posting system.

    For more information, visit our web page on approving, flagging, and reviewing employers on Handshake.

    Some job scams are easy to spot while others appear legitimate. So how do you know who to trust? You can start with these basic guidelines to avoid a potential scam.


    • Give out personal information like your social security or bank account number over email or phone.
    • Take cashier’s checks or money orders as a form of payment. Fake checks are common and the bank where you cash it will hold you accountable.
    • Cash a check that comes with “extra” money. Scammers send checks that require you to deposit a check at your bank, withdraw the “extra” money as cash, and then deposit that cash elsewhere. The check will bounce and you will be held accountable.
    • Agree to purchase gift cards or equipment for an employer.
    • Wire funds via Western Union, MoneyGram or any other service. Anyone who asks you to wire money is a scammer.
    • Apply for jobs listed by someone far away or in another country.
    • Agree to a background check unless you have met the employer in person.
    • Apply for a job that is emailed to you out of the blue.



    • Review jobs thoroughly. If a job is offering a lot of money for very little work, it could be a scammer trying to get personal information from you.
    • Research the employer. Do they have a reputable website or professional references? Is the job listing you want to apply for also on their main career page? Note: work-study jobs may not be advertised on employer websites.
    • Check employer messages carefully for typos and incorrect grammar, as well as non-professional email addresses, ex.
    • Meet face-to-face with a potential employer. An in-person interview or informal chat over coffee will help you determine the employer’s intentions.
      • Be sure to choose a public place to meet, tell someone where you are going and bring your cell phone, just in case.
    • Trust your instincts. If a job sounds too good to be true, it is likely a scam.


    For more information on job scams and fraudulent emails, visit the Buckeye Careers website on employment fraud.

    Job Scam Scenario

    A student applies for an online data entry job posted by a scammer from out-of-state. When payday rolls around, the scammer tells the student they will receive a cashier’s check, however, the value of the check will be more than what the student has earned. The scammer offers to “trust” the student and asks that they repay the difference with a wire transfer. The student cashes the cashier’s check and then wires the scammer the balance. Even though the bank cashes the check, it is later discovered to be a fake and does not clear. The student now owes the bank the full value of the check.

    Visit the Federal Trade Commission for more examples and signs of a job scam.

    Reporting Fraud and Scams

    To report a scam, file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission. Check out their video on how to report scam and more ways to avoid fraud.

    If you think a job listing on Handshake platform is suspicious, let us know! We can remove the job posting and provide you with further information.

    Our goal is to provide accurate job listing information on our website; however, we make no representations or guarantees about positions posted by our office. You are responsible for your own safety, wages, and working conditions.

    Information adapted from the University of Colorado Boulder and Rutgers

  • Open/Close Disclosing a Disability

    These resources provide guidance to students who are considering disclosing a disability to an employer during their job search.

    Start Here: Disability Disclosure (Animated Short Video) 


    More resources available on campus:

    Material in these works came from these online sources:

  • Open/Close OCM Webinars


    Preparing for a Virtual Interview
    Preparing for a Virtual Interview Webinar


    Preparing for a Virtual Job Fair

    Preparing for a Virtual Career Fair Webinar




    Digital Presence and Virtual Networking
    Digital Presence and Virtual Networking Webinar