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BA 2601: Job Search Prep Course

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BUSADM 2601: Job Search Preparation and Transition to Work

Course Details

  • In-person version of BUSADM 2601 offered fall and spring semesters
  • Online section of BUSADM 2601 offered fall, spring, and summer
  • 1 Credit Hour, Graded A-E

In-person section Spring 2022 MW 11:30 am-12:25 pm, Section #3961, 1 credit hour, full semester Instructor: Audrey Bledsoe
Online section Spring 2022 Section #36714, 1 credit hour, 2nd session 7-week course Instructor: Lauren Kume

In BA 2601, students learn the art of resume and cover letter writing and have class sessions and assignments focused on interviewing, negotiating salaries, networking, navigating a career fair, utilizing social media, and creating a personal brand. 

Guest speakers and panelists from past semesters have included recruiters and company representatives from Eaton, DHL Supply Chain, EY, Discover, Procter & Gamble, Progressive, L brands, Target, Fifth Third Bank, PwC, Deloitte, Whirlpool, Unilever, GE Aviation, General Motors, Big Lots, Cardinal Health and more!

Course Objectives

Through this course you will:

  • Learn all about the internship/job search process and recruitment cycle at Fisher
  • Recognize and articulate your skills and qualifications that employers are seeking in job candidates
  • Create a professional resume, cover letter, Handshake profile, and LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to communicate your strengths and fit with a company at a career fair, interview, or networking event (including virtual events!)
  • Discover the multitude of resources that the Office of Career Management provides
  • Get the opportunity to network and interact with more than 25 recruiters and alumni from a wide variety of companies

What past students have said about BUSADM 2601

“This was an extremely useful class that everyone should take. Not only did we learn a lot, but we were able to network almost every week. Thanks for a great semester!” –BA 2601 student

"Audrey and Lauren are great instructors that care about the content and the students. One of the
most helpful classes I have taken at Fisher and will definitely recommend it to my friends!" --BA 2601 student 

“This class was probably the most relevant class I have taken in all of my schooling years! Everything was communicated so well and due dates were clearly posted! Assignments were SO relevant! This class should honestly be a requirement because if I didn't take this class I probably wouldn't have passed my QUIC interview the first time I did it, and I probably wouldn't have gotten my summer internship! 100% would take it again and I have already recommended this class to all of my friends!” –BA 2601 student 

“One of the most useful courses I have taken. I have already benefitted from my connections I made with recruiters from panels.” –BA 2601 student

“I can't thank you enough for this course. I went from being a senior filled with worry and doubt to landing a great job that I'm excited about and I really believe this course was maybe THE reason. I wish I would've taken it earlier in my college career.” –BA 2601 student


Questions about the in-person section can be directed to Audrey Bledsoe. Questions about the online version: contact Lauren Kume.