Executive MBA

A Note to Interested Applicants:

We're currently accepting applications for the cohort starting December 2022. If you're considering applying, we encourage you to reach out to discuss your needs and goals, and get assistance with your application if you decide to move forward. You can contact Anna Morris directly at morris.1112@osu.edu to set up a time to chat. 



We take you beyond the fundamentals.

Fisher's nationally ranked Executive MBA program is for experienced professionals seeking to grow as well-rounded principled leaders equipped with a versatile skill set to make high-level strategic decisions. As a cohort-based program, you will begin and end the journey with peers from a diverse set of industries, backgrounds and level of their organizations.

We've evolved our program to consist of three integrated components: academic curriculum, experiential learning and executive coaching. These elements provide a comprehensive and wholistic experience, all while providing minimal disruption to your busy life. 

Fisher Executive MBA triad


Within the three components, we have five main areas of focus. These areas guide the program and bring the three individual components together seamlessly. 

Our Areas of Focus

  • Establishing a Leadership Legacy

    Starting from day one, our integrated leadership curriculum develops principled leaders who are trained to make lasting impacts on their organizations. Our approach is both individual and team-based and creates authentic leaders through lectures and storytelling, but also through a leadership experience — one that is transformative, research-based, intellectually rigorous and facilitated by our faculty with proven success.

  • Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Through class sessions and our two experiential immersions, students are exposed first-hand to industry leaders to explore how to raise capital, disrupt an industry and incorporate best practices within various sectors.

  • Magnifying a Global Perspective

    Our curriculum incorporates a global perspective that forms an integrative thread throughout the program. It recognizes that successful decision-making may often depend on understanding the current global business environment. 

  • Driving Decisions with Data

    Analytics is more than a toolset; it is a mindset. As part of the EMBA program, you will learn how to see, think and work with data to sharpen your decision-making and reveal growth opportunities. 

  • Creating and Sustaining Change

    While data and analytics have the potential to inform sound decision-making and reveal new opportunities, that power is diminished if it collides with established ideas and mindsets. The principles of change management taught as part of the EMBA curriculum can be applied to open eyes and minds to the new learning that analytics can provide. 


Anna Morris
Executive MBA Associate Director

Fisher College of Business
Executive Education