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The Fisher College of Business Executive MBA is designed for individuals who have several years of professional experience and the desire to enhance their capabilities in a team-based setting.

We are currently accepting applications for the Class of 2023 (classes begin December 2021) and admit students on a rolling basis. Due to our rolling admissions, we recommend applying early to secure your spot.  We take a comprehensive approach in evaluating applications. Applicants should be prepared to review management experience, academic background and projects demonstrating management skills. We also highly suggest having a one-on-one conversation before you begin your application. 

Note: If you have been previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student in a Graduate School at The Ohio State University please submit a Transfer of Graduate Program form in addition to your application. If you need assistance with this form please let us know.

If you have questions, or would like to see if you are prequalified, please contact Anna Morris at morris.1112@osu.edu.

Application Materials

  • Personal Resume

    An updated copy of your resume listing work experience and career progression. Applicants should have at least 7 years professional experience.

  • College Transcripts

    Electronic Delivery:

    Did you attend a state (public) university in Ohio or a community college? When ordering a transcript from your prior school, request that your transcript(s) be sent electronically. Sending paper transcripts by mail or overnight delivery will delay processing time.

    For all other institutions, if your school offers electronic delivery, choose that option to avoid processing delays. If ordering a transcript online, select The Ohio State University as a recipient. In the absence of a list of universities to select, have your school send your transcript directly to gpadocs@osu.edu.

    US Mail:

    If your school does not offer electronic delivery, please have your transcript(s) mailed to the address below:

    The Ohio State University
    Graduate/Professional Admissions
    PO Box 182004
    Columbus, OH 43218-2004

    Transcripts should not be delivered by the student or sent to other addresses on campus. Doing so will prevent acceptance of the transcript as official, and a transfer credit evaluation will not be completed.

    Note: Transcripts for course work or degrees received from The Ohio State University can be obtained internally by the EMBA program.

  • Recommendation Forms

    Please arrange to have at least one professional recommendation prepared by a person familiar with your qualifications and potential for graduate study. Recommendations can be completed online.

  • Employer Sponsorship (waived if currently unemployed)

    Please ask your employer to provide a company letter of support on company letterhead. Endorsement of your candidacy by your employer is a critical factor in the admission decision and must include an explicit commitment of financial resources (if applicable).

  • Essay Question

    Fisher's EMBA program admits a select group of talented professionals who have demonstrated the potential to become successful business leaders in an increasingly competitive and global environment. Briefly summarize your professional accomplishments to date. Why do you want to earn an EMBA degree from the Fisher College of Business? Include your goals post-EMBA and how you believe Fisher's program will help you achieve them. (maximum 750 words). This is submitted online through the application.

  • GMAT/GRE Requirements and Waiver Option

    We may consider your application without a GMAT or GRE score as long as you meet the following minimum qualifications: 1. Earned a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) undergraduate GPA or higher 2. Have a minimum of 6 years of post-baccalaureate work experience.

    The decision to grant the GMAT/GRE waiver is made at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Should the committee decide that a GMAT/GRE score is needed to fully evaluate your candidacy for the MBA program, you will be informed once your application has been initially reviewed. If you have already taken the GMAT/GRE and requested your scores to be sent to The Ohio State University, you are not eligible to request the waiver.


    Candidates whose native language is not English must demonstrate fluency in English by taking the TOEFL. If you hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from a US institution you may be eligible for a waiver of the TOEFL.

  • Interview

    Applicants are expected to participate in an interview with the program director to review your academic, as well as managerial experience, and your academic preparation for the program. Be prepared to describe projects you have handled that demonstrate your management skills. You may take part in the interview at any point during the application process. Please contact Kelly Meyers at 614-247-8088 or meyers.447@osu.edu if you'd like to schedule the interview at the begining of the application process.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when filling out your application

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Program Fees

The program fee for the Fisher Executive MBA degree totals $115,000.

The program fee of $115,000 generally cover expenses for the mandatory orientation, program instruction, course materials, intellectual and social events, domestic educational trip (other than airfare), international educational trip (other than visa application fee and airfare), logistics expenses while on-campus, meals, and fees to The Ohio State University.

Upon acceptance into the Fisher Executive MBA Program, a non-refundable $1,500 deposit is required to guarantee your spot in the program. The $1,500 deposit shows up as a credit against the remaining program fees.

  • Payment Schedule
    Payment Due Date Amount


    Upon Acceptance,
    before December
    Program Fees 1 ** Spring Semester
    (1st week in January)
    ~$25,000 or ~$33,000
    Program Fees 2 Summer Semester
    (1st week in May)
    ~$25,000 or ~$33,000
    Program Fees 3 Autumn Semester
    (1st week in August)
    ~$25,000 or ~$33,000
    Program Fees 4 Spring Semester
    of the second year
    ~$25,000 or ~$33,000


    *The $1,500 deposit will be shown as a credit in the invoice for Program Fees 1.

    ** Program fee payments follow one of two patterns, depending on the year a student begins coursework. The pattern for those who start in January of an odd year (e.g., 2019) is ~$33,000, ~$33,000, ~$25,000, and ~$25,000. The pattern for those who start in January of an even year (e.g., 2020) is ~$25,000, ~$25,000, ~$33,000, and ~$33,000.

    *** Regardless of payment pattern, the total cost for the Fisher Executive MBA degree is a sum total of $115,000.

The Return on Investment of an Executive MBA

Deciding to pursue your Executive MBA should not be taken lightly. In addition to the financial undertaking, we understand that your time on campus and time spent on homework is time taken away from your family, friends and professional duties. Many prospective students ask about the direct return on investment for a program such as the Fisher Executive MBA. A 2018 study by The Executive MBA Council, a non-profit association of universities and colleges (including Ohio State), showed EMBA graduates saw an increase in their skills such as critical thinking, leadership, and decision-making, which resulted in an increase in compensation and responsibilities. 

In addition, a 2016 study by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that alumni of Executive MBA programs are the most likely of all graduate business school graduates to recommend their experience to others. Their analysis showed that it took graduates an average of 2.5 years to recoup the investment, a year quicker than traditional two-year programs. 

Financing your degree

Executive MBA students use a variety of means to finance their degree. Students use company reimbursement and sponsorship, federal loans, private loans, or a combination. Please contact us if you'd like some guidance on how to navigate gaining financial support, or visit our page on negotiating for employer support. 

  • Financing through federal loans

    Financial aid at Ohio State is based upon an academic year. EMBA students begin Spring semester, therefore your first academic year is Spring and Summer. Your second academic year is Autumn and Spring. Typically, EMBA students are eligible to apply for a total of $41,000 in unsubsidized loans. The remaining balance of EMBA fees can also be obtained through financial aid in the form of Graduate Plus Loans.

    Students can apply for financial aid before they are an admitted student at Ohio State. You begin the process by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This information is then sent to Ohio State’s Student Financial Aid Office where they can determine your eligibility and provide you with an Award Letter which states the amount of loans you are eligible to receive.

    Complete information about student financial aid can be found at the Office of Student Financial Aid.


Anna Morris
Associate Director

Fisher College of Business
Executive Education