Careers & Recruiting
QUIC Certification

Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program

The Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program (QUIC) allows students to prepare, practice, and receive feedback on their interviewing skills through a 1-hour mock interview called the QUIC Interview.

The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provide you with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through Handshake.

What are the benefits to becoming QUIC-Certified?

  • Individualized coaching and interview practice with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management
  • Students who complete the QUIC process are more likely to report a job by graduation and are earning higher salaries than those who do not
  • Gain access to on-campus interviews (both internships and full-time positions)

Already scheduled your QUIC interview? View required preparation steps for QUIC.

How do Fisher students become QUIC?

What if i need to cancel my QUIC Interview?

Students are easily able to cancel their QUIC interview within Handshake as long as they cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

  • Consider how delaying your progress to become QUIC by cancelling your interview will impact your search for an internship or full-time position.
  • Canceling a QUIC interview less than 24 hours in advance is a violation of our student policies under “Interviewing” and then “When you need to CANCEL or Request and Interview”.