Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program

The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provide you with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through FisherConnect.

PDF iconQUIC Prep Packet
Review this document to prepare for your QUIC interview.

How can you become QUIC?

  1. Once you've been admitted to your Fisher specialization, complete your FisherConnect profile and upload your resume

    Be sure to complete this step as soon as possible, or your eligibility to schedule QUIC interviews will be delayed.

    1. Log in to FisherConnect, and upload a polished copy of your resume for employers to see

  2.  Complete the Fisher Career Services QUIC Program on Carmen

    1. Using Carmen, find "Special Business Administration" in My Courses and then click the "Career Management: QUIC Modules" link.
    2. Click on Content, read "Module 1: Introduction," and complete QUIC Quiz 1 (under "QUIC Quizzes" in the tool bar). You will need a score of 100% on the quiz to continue to "Module 2: Policies and Completing FisherConnect Registration."
    3. Read Modules 2 – 5 and complete the corresponding quizzes. Each additional module will become available when the previous module's quiz has been passed with a score of 100%.
    4. Look for an email notifying you to schedule a QUIC interview after you have completed all 5 modules.
    5. Log in to Carmen now to get started.
  3.  Schedule a QUIC Interview through FisherConnect

    1. Using FisherConnect, click "On Campus Interviews" in the tool bar at the top of the page and select 'Qualified Schedules'.

    2. You will see QUIC Interviews appear in the search.  To sign up select one of the QUIC Interview companies. If there are openings a 'Sign Up' button will be at the top of the page. Click on the 'Sign Up' button and open interview slots will appear. Select a date and time that works with your schedule and click on 'Sign Up'.

    3. This will take you to the 'Select Document' page. Select a resume and click 'Sign Up'.

    4. Once you have signed up for a date and time you will be able to find your scheduled QUIC interview by going to 'My Account'; click on 'My Activity'; then click on the 'Schedules' tab.

    5. Log on to FisherConnect now to sign up for your QUIC interview.