QUIC Interview Preparation

The QUIC interview is a mock interview which allows you to practice your interviewing skills and receive personalized feedback from a Career Consultant. Once you pass your QUIC interview and complete the final follow-up requirement, you will gain access to on-campus interviews through Handshake.

Please complete the following required steps in order to pass your QUIC interview

  • 1. Choose a Job Description

    You can choose your job description here. At the beginning of your QUIC interview, you will tell your interviewer which job description you have chosen. Make sure you study the overview, duties and responsibilities, list of qualifications, and then be prepared to explain why you are qualified for that particular position.

  • 2. Research Your Company

    In your QUIC interview, you will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the company you’ve signed up for and explain how you fit with the company. Research the company by visiting the company’s website and explore their products, services, values, career opportunities, goals, corporate structure, press releases, annual report, and investor information. Read the Company Research Handout on our website.

  • 3. Study our Interviewing Guide

    This interviewing guide covers everything you need to know about how to be successful in an interview. Read the Interviewing Guide

  • 4. Check out our Video Resources about Interviewing

    These videos provide advice from real recruiters and career management professionals, as well as examples of answers and critiques to provide useful insights to developing your own responses. Click here to view our Video Interview Series

  • 5. Review QUIC Modules on Carmen

    You can access the modules by going to carmen.osu.edu and clicking on “Office of Career Management-QUIC Modules”.  

    Review the following modules:

    • Module 5 covers Effective Interviewing and Preparing for Your QUIC Interview.
    • Module 6 covers Preparing for Video and Virtual Interviews.

    Part of your QUIC Interview includes your video submission for the practice interview question in QUIC module 6.  If it has been awhile since you completed the QUIC modules and submitted your video, you may want to redo the video with a more recent example.  During your QUIC interview, we will review the Module 6 video you submitted and provide feedback on it.  This video is worth a total of 15 points out of 100 for the QUIC interview scoring.

  • 6. Take a look at the QUIC Interview Assessment below

    We will be assessing your performance in the QUIC interview based on your professionalism, communication skills, and the quality of your answers. Preparation is key to a successful interview!

Your QUIC interviewer will use the following criteria to provide feedback during the interview. Please use this QUIC Interview Assessment to prepare so that you will get the most out of your QUIC interview experience!

QUIC Interview Assessment

  • Professional Presentation Expectations
    • On time (10-15 minutes early)
    • Dressed professionally (suit)
    • Brings 2 polished copies of resume
    • Greeting (firm handshake & verbal greeting)
    • Positive attitude/enthusiasm
  • Overall Communication
    • Attentive (eye contact, body language, listening skills)
    • Vocabulary and grammar
    • Speaks clearly (clarity, pace, volume, pitch)
  • Q1: Tell me about yourself.
    • Give background (where are you from?) and timeline (chronological order)
    • Highlight significant experiences before and during time at OSU; why are you here today?
    • Choose key skills and characteristics, illustrate by utilizing unique personal experiences; Make a connection to the job description
  • Q2: What made you choose your major and why are you interested in this field?
    • Explain WHY you like your major; WHAT do you like specifically about your major and courses?
    • Describe your decision making process and rationale behind choosing your major
  • Q3: Why are you interested in (company name) and why do you think you would be a good fit for our company?
    • Show specific knowledge of the company
    • Discuss THREE characteristics about company and how each fits with your skills/abilities; Provide evidence of company research with specific, not obvious, details
    • For corporate culture demonstrate how the company values align with your values
    • Show in depth research and connection to yourself and your major
  • Q4: Behavioral Based Question

    You will be asked one behavioral-based question during the QUIC interview. Usually the type of question asked will depend on the qualifications listed in the job description you have chosen. It is recommended to use detailed examples from work experience or extra-curricular activities, rather than business core classes. Differentiate yourself with your unique stories. Use the STARt method to answer this question.

    • Situation: Provide detailed information so the interviewer has a clear understanding of the context of the situation
    • Task: Be specific about your role in the project or situation; this is often the problem to be solved
    • Action: This is the bulk of your answer! Highlight your individual contributions and outline the steps you took
    • Result: Stay positive and show success; Quantify results if possible
      • takeaway: Emphasize the impact made and lessons learned (your “takeaway”)
  • Q5: QUIC Module 6 Video Submission: Behavioral-Based Question
    • Video submission will be reviewed during QUIC interview
    • Use Situation, Task, Action, Result, takeaway (STARt)
    • Student video includes proper lighting, background, eye contact, body language and business casual dress
  • Q6: Why should I hire you for ___________ position?
    • Summarizes briefly three characteristics/skills (strengths or best qualities) RELEVANT to the job description
    • Answer specifically references the job qualifications and/or duties and responsibilities
    • Gives a trait and cites specific evidence—mini behavioral based examples
  • Q7: What questions do you have for me?
    • Have three to five questions prepared specific to the company and diverse in type to show your interest
    • Have questions you REALLY want to know the answers to
    • After you have finished asking your 3-5 questions, your final question should be to ask about the next steps in the hiring process/timeline
  • Closing the interview
    • Initiate the close by thanking the interviewer
    • Ask for a business card in case you have follow-up questions
    • Show enthusiasm and express sincere interest in the position; reiterate fit based on the knowledge you have gained in the interview