Research and Business Partnership Centers

Fisher's Research and Business Partnership Centers create the intellectual innovations that fuel business growth around the world. Many of the nation's most forward thinking companies turn to Fisher faculty for new ideas and business solutions. Our research centers support teaching, research and development and provide a professional forum for exchange between faculty, students and the corporate community.

While Ohio State CIBE is located in the Fisher College of Business, it seeks to promote international business education and research and enhance U.S. business competitiveness in the global marketplace.

  • The Centers for International Business Education (CIBEs) were created under the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 to increase and promote the nation’s capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise.
  • Seventeen universities are designated as CIBEs to serve as regional and national resources for businesses, students, educators, and academics. Together, the CIBEs form a powerful network focused on meeting the personnel and information needs of American businesses.

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The Center for Lean Healthcare Research (CLHR) was formed by the Fisher College of Business and the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value to equip hospitals and other health-care organizations with the tools and guidance they need to execute lasting lean transformations by developing a peer-reviewed body of research.

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Fisher's Center for Operational Excellence brings continuous improvement to the forefront for companies, providing programs focused on excellence in operations strategy and great business performance.

This unique and successful partnership of business leaders and Fisher faculty provides programs focused on innovation, supply chain management, leadership and continuous improvement and is a forum for sharing ideas, processes and experiences.

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This center promotes high-quality research in financial economics at Ohio State, dedicated to supporting junior and senior faculty.

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With the leadership of Fisher researchers and corporate executives, The Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) has a global mission to change how executives view supply chain management. The GSCF supply chain management model stresses relationship management and eight cross-functional and cross-firm processes. It is not a business function but rather a new Business Model.

Seminars are designed for executives interested in competing through relationship management and cross-functional integration. Offered through Fisher's top-ranked Executive Education program, seminars have been offered in North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Europe.

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The first of its kind in the nation and housed at Fisher, the National Center for the Middle Market is dedicated to exploring the middle market economy and helping drive its growth, engaging students in middle market opportunities, and providing training and networking opportunities to middle market executives.

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The Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights (NCACI) is a marketing research center developed as a partnership between Nationwide Insurance Company, The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business.

The center conducts insurance and financial product marketing research using state-of-the-art predictive modeling, data mining and advanced analytical techniques that improve Nationwide's understanding of consumer behavior and purchasing patterns.

The center manages both applied business projects involving the application of existing theory, and methodologies and seminal research projects involving the development of new theories to solve specific marketing problems.

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The Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an official academic center housed at Fisher College of Business. The center facilitates entrepreneurial and innovation-based learning and experiences that will impact the global economy by assisting in new company formation and the development of new products and services within existing businesses.

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The Ohio State Center for Real Estate brings real estate practice and theory to business education, partnering with real estate practitioners, faculty and students to prompt dialogue on real estate issues, establish mentorship opportunities and provide a forum for cutting-edge research for the real estate industry.

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TEC offers award-winning educational programs for academic and professional innovators, analytical and consulting services for corporations, investment firms and research institutions, and thought leadership on commercialization of early-stage technologies at the university and beyond.

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Fisher is known for its rigorous approach to research—and the Risk Institute is proud to carry this tradition into a new, leading-edge realm. We take a holistic approach to research, analyzing risk’s potential in every part of an organization, from a variety of academic and business perspectives.

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