Office of Global Business

Gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly global business world. Grow your global network and understanding by participating in one or more of the global opportunities listed! Click on one of the six program categories below for more information.

Don't know which global program? Complete the Student Interest Form or come to our Walk In Wednesday sessions offered weekly 1-4 pm in Mason Hall 225!

Learn More About Global Labs
Global Labs: Explore global business centers for 10-12 days during semester breaks.
Learn More About Global Projects
Global Projects:Learn consulting techniques through company projects in global locations.
Learn More About Summer Internships
Global Internships:Work in a global internship for 8-14 weeks, during a summer or a semester.
Ohio Export Internship Program
Ohio Export Internship Program:Work in a 12-week summer internship and make a global impact for an Ohio company by expanding Ohio exports.
Learn More About Student Exchange
Student Exchange: Live and study abroad for a summer or semester at one of our top-rankedExchange Partner.
Learn More About GO Business
Global Option in Business: Document international business expertise through this designation program on your transcript.

Global Resources