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Jumping in front of a windmill in Holland

Global Labs are immersive cultural and business tours led by one of our Fisher College of Business faculty experts. These short-term, high intensity programs offer a quick survey of different business specializations and regions of the world. The structured itinerary is ideal for first time travelers and students looking for a short international experience.


Students in Costa Rica


Deadline Extended! Sustainable Business Global Lab (1 credit)
Dates: May 2 - 9, 2020
Prof. Steven Dickstein
Location: San Jose and Sarapiqui, Costa Rica 

Application deadline: November 15, 2019

Program fee: $1,925
$150 application fee

Costa Rica represents one of the planet’s most outstanding examples of sustainability systems and practices that support a public and private partnership to a goal of carbon neutrality by 2021.  In 1994 Costa Rica added an amendment to its Constitution that declares a right to a healthy environment for all its citizens. At the same time, the government must create the conditions and soft infrastructure to allow economic growth for the increased prosperity of its population.  This makes Costa Rica a most attractive destination for Fisher students to explore firsthand how such a partnership can work during May 2020. 

To learn more and apply, click here. 


October 1 Deadline

  • Islamic Banking and Finance Global Lab: Malaysia
    Sunset photo of Kuala Lumpur


    Islamic Banking and Finance Global Lab (3 credits)
    Dates: March 7 - 15
    Prof. Ida Mirzaie
    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

    Program Fee: $3,802* 
    $150 application fee

    Are you a finance or economics major wanting to get outside your comfort zone? Through this spring semester course, students will come to understand the relation between culture/religion and the economy and how culture and religion have shaped financial institutions. Students will get a better understanding of Islamic finance compared to conventional finance and identify how cultural and religious values are present in public finance. Finally, students will learn how Islamic finance works in practice by traveling to Malaysia over spring break to visit financial institutions and organizations and historical and cultural sites. The course will resume in Columbus after spring break. 

    This program is jointly offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Fisher College of Business. This course will be comprised of students from both economics and finance.

    *includes flight

    To learn more and apply, click here. The application is now closed for Spring 2020. 


October 15 Deadline

  • International Business in Hong Kong Global Lab
    Overlooking Hong Kong


    International Business Global Lab (1.5 credits)
    Dates: March 7 - 14, 2020
    Location: Hong Kong, China

    Program fee: $1,995
    $150 application fee

    What better way to fulfill your Intro to International Business requirements (BUSMHR 2000) than to take it abroad! This unique program during spring break 2020 will allow students to complete their core IB requirement in a matter of 8 days. You will travel to Hong Kong where you will not only complete coursework via lectures and case studies, but you will also network with local executives, review case studies and experience the culture of this vibrant island. Come see how political, economic, social, and legal factors have shaped this region as a competitive market for business!

    To learn more and apply, click here. The application is now closed for Spring 2020. 

  • Global Business Expedition: Panama*
    Aerial view of Panama City


    Panama: International Business (1.5 credits)*
    March 7-15, 2020
    Prof. Terry Esper
    Location: Panama City, Panama

    Program fee: $2,031
    $150 application fee

    Latin America has become increasingly important for firms as they strive to compete in today's global business environment. As a growing marketplace that requires unique approaches to market entry and competition, Latin America has captured the attention and interest of higher level executives. From Panama City to Lake Gatun, you will learn about the differences between business in the US and Panama, study the global role of the Panamanian logistics infrastructure (particularly the Panama Canal) to global trade, and learn about current issues facing the nation and business operations in Panama. A boat ride through the Panama Canal and a visit to Monkey Island will be sure to capture your attention outside of business meetings. 

    *During the 2019-20 academic year, Fisher College of Business will consider select fourth-year undergraduate Logistics majors the for graduate-level Panama Global Business Expedition (GBE).

    To learn more and apply, click here. The application is now closed for Spring 2020. 

November 1 Deadline

  • Freshman Global Lab: Germany
    Students in front of Mercedes emblem


    Freshman Global Lab (1.5 credits)
    Dates: May 16 - 30, 2020

    Prof. Mike Knemeyer
    Locations: Hamburg, Berlin, and Bremen, Germany

    Program fee: $3,282
    $150 application fee

    Fast track your global business education! Complete a business core class (BUSML 3380) in Hamburg, Germany during May 2019. As the largest economy in Europe and the top ranking country on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, Germany is the perfect location to experience classroom theories in application. Outside of the classroom explore Hamburg – from the Holy Roman Empire to WWII, from sweet Franzbrötchen to the flavors of the local night markets.

    To learn more and apply, click here. The application is now closed for Summer 2020. 

    Experience & Blogs: click here

  • Industry Immersion Global Lab: Italy
    Students in front of Cathedral


    Industry Immersion: Italy (1.5 credits)
    Dates: April 30 - May 9, 2020
    Profs. Andrea Prud'homme and Doug Farren
    Locations: Padua, Venice, Verona, and Milan, Italy

    Program fee: $2,735
    $150 application fee

    Add a global edge to your Industry Immersion experience in May 2019. Join us for our new cross-functional program in Italy - home to fashion retails giants, leaders of automotive design and construction, dozens of household brands, and a powerhouse middle market. After completing your 1-credit Spring Semester course on campus, travel across Northern Italy, including Venice, Padua, Verona, and Milan. Join us for must-see sites and behind-the-scenes access to companies across Italian industry.

    To learn more and apply, click here. The application is now closed for Spring 2020. 

    Experience & Blogs: click here

  • Global Marketing Global Lab: Russia
    St. Basil's Cathedral


    Global Marketing Global Lab (1.5 credit)
    Dates: May 9 - 19, 2020
    Prof. Maria Landeskhovskaya
    Locations: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia

    Program fee: $2,638
    $150 application fee

    Marketing students should jump on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity take your global marketing elective while studying abroad!  You’ll have the chance to take what you’ve learned in class and see it applied as you meet with executives from both multi-national and Russian companies.  We’ll also use all 17.5 hours of daylight to soak up the sites of Moscow and St. Petersburg – the Kremlin, Red Square, Peterhof, the Hermitage, and even take in the views from a boat tour. 

    Possible business visits include: Coca-cola, Gazprom, UEFA Euro 2020, and more.

    To learn more and apply, click here. Interested students should email Keira Williams ( 

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