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Student Policies

These policies have been carefully designed with the best interests of Fisher students in mind. They are based on years of recruiting experience with employers and their feedback about working with Fisher students.

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Scheduling Conflicts and Reneging on Decisions

How to Handle Conflicts with Interview Scheduling
​Fisher students should do all they can to minimize any negative impact on academics when scheduling job interviews-- and in their job search overall.

To manage scheduling conflicts:

  • Do your best to schedule an interview that does not conflict with class-- this requires that you schedule a preferred time for an on-campus interview before another student does (first-come, first-serve).
  • If a preferred time is taken you can work with our recruiting coordinator to identify a student(s) in the preferred time slot and then contact the student yourself to try and coordinate a swap.
  • You can see if there is any flexibility with a preferred interview time-- directly with the company, or through our recruiting coordinator.


For second round interviews:

  • If asked to come to a 2nd round, on-site interview on a day that conflicts with classes/exams, see if the employer has flexibility and could offer another day – it is perfectly acceptable to inquire about this! They will let you know whether or not they have flexibility
  • If the employer cannot re-schedule, ask them to email you the invitation with an indication that they cannot change the date. Send this to your professor well in advance of the date


These options have a fairly high rate of success if you are proactive. When not successful, you will simply have to accept the consequences of a class obligation where the faculty member does not offer another option. Always seek advice from the Office of Career Management if you are in a situation that you are unsure about.

Student Policy Regarding Reneging on Offers of Employment

Renege: to go back on one's word, to break a promise

A verbal or written acceptance of an offer is considered a commitment. It is never permissible to accept a job/internship offer (either verbal or written) and later decline. We recommend that you consider all job/internship offers carefully and seriously before acting upon them.

If you are in a position where you have an offer deadline, but are still in the recruiting/selection process with other companies, it is always appropriate to ask for a deadline extension.

Tips to guide you in this process:

  • When asking for an extension to the deadline given to you, contact the company representative that extended the offer to you
  • Always try to talk to the company representative over the phone
  • Give the latest date you think is reasonable for you to be able to make a decision as a starting point. Keep in mind, in the fall OCM recommends November 1 and in the spring OCM recommends 3 weeks from the date of the written offer

If you have a difficult decision to make or find yourself in a challenging position with regard to an offer, we encourage you to meet with a consultant in the Office of Career Management before making your final decision. Once you accept a job/internship offer you should no longer pursue opportunities that would negatively interfere with the accepted offer; and you should withdraw from any scheduled interviews.

If it is determined that you have reneged on either an internship or career position offer, you will be asked to meet with one of the following individuals in the Office of Career Management:

  • FTMBA students (Jamie Mathews-Mead)
  • MHRM students (Jill Westerfeld)
  • MAcc students (Jamie Mathews-Mead)
  • SMF Student (Jill Westerfeld)
  • Undergraduate students (Sarah Steenrod and Mark Wilson)


The meeting will focus on a discussion of the situation and may result in consequences to you, including, but not limited to: requiring you to write a letter of apology, discontinuing your access to Handshake, denying your access to services, and/or referring you to the Ohio State Office of Student Conduct.

If you fail to schedule this meeting within two weeks of our request, or do not attend this meeting as scheduled, your access to Handshake and/or services provided to you as an alum will be discontinued.