The Science of Business: From Data to Insights and Improved Decisions”

The Specialized Masters in Business Analytics (SMB-A) at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business is a 10-month program that equips students with an understanding of the science of data analytics and its implication for business innovation, productivity and growth.   Although open to all students, the STEM-designated degree is targeted mainly at working professionals who are looking to acquire graduate-level knowledge and credentials in business analytics in order to accelerate their careers or execute a career shift into this growing field.

75% online, SMB-A blended learning

In keeping with the program’s mission to prepare future data-savvy managers and leaders in business analytics, the curriculum has been designed with the following goals in mind.

  • Graduates will demonstrate fluency in working with data and an understanding of data acquisition and management in organizations to meet specified business objectives.
  • Graduates will be able to conceptualize real world problems, identify data requirements, engage in rigorous critical thinking, and develop innovative solutions through the application of (a) descriptive; (b) predictive; and (c) prescriptive data analytic methods and techniques.
  • Graduates will demonstrate competence in communicating tractable results and integrated insights that inform organizational decision-making.
  • Graduates will identify and evaluate ethical issues surrounding data and its use in decision making.

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