Specialized Master in Business Analytics
Tuition Breakdown

The total cost of enrollment in the Fisher Specialized Master in Business Analytics (SMB-A) program is based on your status in the program (i.e. full-time vs. part-time student, and resident vs. non-resident). Approximate tuition and fees are estimated and subject to change. Fisher's Graduate Programs Office encourages you to view the University Registrar's complete tuition and fee schedule. View our estimated SMB-A tuition details below for part-time and full-time:

Forever Buckeye

If a student graduated from an Ohio high school and will be a resident of Ohio as of the first day of the term attending, a student will be considered an Ohio resident whether they lived in Ohio prior to the beginning of the term or not. Take the online survey to determine if you may qualify for in-state tuition based on law established by the Ohio Legislature. Forever Buckeye information >

Military Applicants

Military applicants can automatically qualify for in-state tuition under the Ohio G.I. Promise. Fisher takes a deliberate approach to recruiting highly-qualified military service men and women. Military & Veteran Benefits >

Are You An OSU Employee?

If you are a full-time employee of Ohio State University pursuing a part-time program, you may be eligible for the Faculty/Staff Tuition Assistance benefit. You can view a sample employee statement summary or watch the Ohio State Employee Tuition Assistance Benefit webinar. Please note that you will be taxed on tuition as income.


Some SMB-A students use loans to finance their education, either in total or in part, and many sources of loans exist. Federal loans are available for domestic students only.

For more information regarding the Federal loan program please visit the Student Financial Aid website.

Student Financial Aid