Specialized Master in Business Analytics
Program Structure

The full-time or part-time curriculum is comprised of 31.5 semester credit hours of coursework, distributed as follows:

  • 31.5 total credit hours
  • 10.5 credit hours for business foundation course work, consisting of four courses: Managerial Economics, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Statistics and Data Analysis, and Leadership and Organizational Behavior.
  • 12 credit hours of course work in Data Management, and Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics.
  • 3 credit hours for an Analytics Management Capstone using real data from a corporate partner.
  • 6 credit hours of electives from an approved list of analytics-focused or discipline-specific courses

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Full-Time Curriculum (10-months)


Part-Time Curriculum

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Three classes, every seven weeks.

Combine your online asynchronous instruction with rich on-campus or live-streamed Saturday coursework to complete each class. The synchronous portion of each 3-credit hour course occurs over three Saturdays (on-campus or live-streaming) during a 7-week term (four during the summer) with distance-learning asynchronous content and support in-between. The Saturday classes are delivered as 3.5-hour blocks, with classes beginning towards the end of August. Download the 2021-22 SMB-A plan of study/calendar.

SMB-A Calendar

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