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For organizations and large groups, we work closely with clients to customize content and format of programs to target specific organizations and/or industries. Customized programs create a think-tank environment within the company that increases individual and organizational success.

Five key domains will drive profitable and sustainable growth.

For businesses across the country, and around the globe, profitable and sustainable growth is the new imperative. Every CEO knows it, and the successful ones are focused on it. In today’s competitive marketplace, growth in revenues, customers and profits will not happen without individual growth among employees. Companies must specifically commit to growing their leaders’ knowledge, skills, perspective, confidence and creativity.

Moreover, that growth must come across five key domains. These are the areas where we are focused – from our faculty expertise and academic research, to our collaboration with our business partners, to our executive education partnerships and programs. By focusing on these key domains, we are able to create capable and energized leaders who can leverage their individual growth to help drive their company’s growth.

Organizational Growth


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Management     Leadership     Analytics     Operational Excellence     Innovation

Program Design


Our approach to program design is part of a larger partnership that we establish with our clients. This partnership takes us inside the company to more fully understand the development needs and goals of the company. Clear input and collaboration with our clients is essential to connect the program experience to the strategic initiatives, and the cultural imperatives, of the company.  

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Client Portfolio

Since 1954, Fisher’s Executive Education has become a major provider of resources and corporate contacts for the faculty as well as a knowledge resource for the corporate community as well as professional and trade associations.

Association Partner Programs

Fisher College of Business has partnered with several associations for working professionals to provide unique education experiences for their members taught by Fisher faculty and created with the association's industry or area of focus at the forefront.

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