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Innovation is not just about creating new products or services or processes. It's about creating a culture that yearns for – and instinctively and passionately pursues – “what’s next…”

Innovation includes a variety of topics such as the ones listed below. For more information on how we can partner with your organization, please contact us.

Defining Innovation
From design thinking to disruption to the innovator’s dilemma, there is no shortage of perspectives on how to innovate. But beneath it all, innovation is really about creating value for customers, partners, and the organization overall. And, while we teach how to do it, we start with how to think about it. We focus on the key principles and practices that must come together across the organization to achieve measurable success.

Value Creation
Value creation begins with ideation and generation. We examine the different ways that companies put customers at the center of their ideation process; how they choose which problems to solve; and how they reveal new opportunities in the overlap of emerging trends, unmet customer needs, and organizational competencies both inside, and outside, of their company.

Value Capture
Value capture is about evaluation and commercialization. With a full pipeline of ideas, businesses must assess idea potential, separate the great ideas from the good, and determine how to commercialize ideas.
We explore the process of idea evaluation, and then examine the theories, frameworks and processes for successful commercialization of those ideas.

Value Delivery
Successful innovation efforts require organizational integration and culture. Leaders need to ensure that innovation becomes everyone’s job—where all associates are empowered and encouraged to model innovation behavior. Together, we examine how leadership, resource allocation, and organizational policies can be used to fuel ideas and build the culture.

Design Thinking
Design thinking is one of the key concepts that drives successful innovation. Simple in concept, design thinking represents a human-centered approach to innovation that—when applied successfully—aligns the principles of design with the potential for business success. Using a hands-on approach to learning, we turn the concept into practice.

At its core, entrepreneurship is about capturing the value that exists in a creative idea. Whether this happens within the realm of an existing company, or it becomes the foundation of a totally new company, the principles of entrepreneurship can be extremely powerful and profitable. Putting this attitude to work across the organization can propel success.



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