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The Ohio State Fund for Fisher provides funds for the college's greatest priorities and initiatives, which shape the development of principled leaders, create innovative experiential learning opportunities, foster faculty thought leadership and provide access to a world-class business education that also connects our students with leaders in the global business community.


The world needs principled leaders to make a positive, significant difference in their organizations, their communities and the world. The Fisher Leadership Initiative is dedicated to advancing and accelerating the leadership skills and effectiveness of our student graduates. Through scholarly excellence and transformational, collaborative experiences with and for valued partners, Fisher is emerging as the pre-eminent institute for related thought leadership.

Social Entrepreneurship

Passionate. Energetic. Engaged. There are a lot of ways to describe the drive in Fisher students. They consistently reflect an ambition to not just do well, but to also do good. A business degree from Ohio State is empowering, not just for the knowledge but for the experiences our students gain as they positively impact and change markets, society and culture in innovative ways. Business can have as great an impact — or even more — when it serves a broader purpose and a common good. Fisher students not only recognize this, but act on it.


Max M. Fisher once described his alma mater as a place that provided him with opportunities to take risks, shape his own future and develop a base to leave a significant impression on the world of business. That vision is what still fuels Fisher today. The ability to respond to ever changing needs in business education is a critical issue for the continued success of the college. It fuels our mission to go beyond the classroom to impact our students and the business community in meaningful ways and push past the limits of usual business education.

Diversity & inclusion

At Fisher, we champion diversity in intellectual thought and perspective and continually seek to expand ethnic and cultural diversity as a contributor to intellectual diversity. We are committed to fostering a diverse, supportive and inclusive learning environment for students to cultivate their leadership skills. From creating networking opportunities where students, alumni and business leaders can connect, to offering leadership training, to encouraging mentoring with allies and advocates, Fisher provides business students with opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

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