Graduate Minor in Business in Health Sciences

Ohio State University’s health sciences colleges train highly motivated and intellectually outstanding students to be experts in their field.  Given the changing nature of the Health Sciences industries, the importance placed on business and leadership skills is increasing.  The graduate business minor addresses this change by providing graduate level business training through the Fisher College of Business to Ohio State students pursuing advanced degrees in health science fields.

The Graduate Business Minor in Health Science was created to give you the essential business knowledge to help you flourish in changing times. Earning a Grad Business Minor will produce three main benefits:


  • Fluency in the Language of Management and Business

    Our goal is to make you a business savvy professional. To provide you with the essential business acumen necessary to thrive in the industry. These are courses designed to make you feel comfortable with the numerous business aspects of health science.

  • Deeper Insight to Your Industry

    This is training that does more than supplement your technical expertise. This is a whole new lens to appreciate your training. Make no mistake; this is an experience that will amplify your understanding of the industry giving you a whole new perspective on how all the pieces fit together.

  • Distinction to Separate Yourself From the Pack

    Your experience will help you separate from the pack, giving you the competitive edge to push your resume to the top. You’ll be an incredible value to employers, right out of the gate.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Shifting policy and economic factors, rapid advances in science and technology, and the varying needs of patients and populations are realigning how every health service organization provides the best patient care.  Fisher will help prepare you to be successful in this new world.


Questions about the Graduate Business Minor in Health Science? Or just want more info?  We’re happy to help.

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