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Passion & PurposeA Second Act: MBA student returns with a new script

Erin Yu-Lee - Spotlight

Undergraduate alumna Erin Yu-Lee returned from Hollywood to pursue an MBA at Fisher. In this profile by The Ohio State University Women & Philanthropy program, Yu-Lee says she is hoping to make a meaningful impact for future actors and is looking forward to helping her community.

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Malkoc research - Time management

Research at Fisher

Why we're wasting our time

If there’s a full hour before your next meeting at work, and if you're like most people, you’ll squander that time. Why? Selin Malkoc, associate professor of marketing at Fisher, says we take a mental tax out of our time right before an appointment, because we account for an unknown even when there’s no need to do that. "As a result, we do less with the available time.”

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