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The Accounting & Management Information Systems Ph.D. program in the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State is one of the top accounting Ph.D. programs in the country. The program’s goal is to help prepare you for a successful and productive career as a faculty member at a leading research-oriented university. As a Ph.D. student in our program, our outstanding faculty will give you the individual attention and high level of training that makes our approach to graduate study one of the best in the nation. We have a diverse set of faculty who are leading researchers in tax accounting, analytical accounting, empirical capital markets research, experimental/behavioral accounting, auditing, and information systems.

Our program consists of two tracks: Accounting and MIS. It is internationally recognized, and ranks among the top 25 in terms of Ph.D. alumni publications and achievements. Ph.D. alumni are on the faculty at such universities as Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Texas at Austin, Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Southern California, and Washington. Several recent Ohio State PhD students have been awarded the Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship.

The Accounting & MIS Ph.D. program takes four to five years to complete. The time to completion depends on the rigor of the student's prior preparation and aptitude in accounting, economics and mathematics. The program is full-time and all students are expected to be in residence throughout the entire program, including graduation, to ensure they complete the degree in a timely manner.

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PhD Program Director

FCOB Distinguished Professor Andrew Van Buskirk
438 Fisher Hall
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210