New PhD students 2018

The PhD programs at The Ohio State University build on a tradition of excellence in scholarship within Fisher College of Business - a tradition that provides you with perspective, expertise, and skills necessary to reshape the business world.

The greatest strength of the program is Fisher's top faculty, along with the emphasis on research and teaching. In addition, the facilities and resources on the Ohio State campus enhance the doctoral experience. Another strength is our proximity to the corporate headquarters of a variety of businesses within the technology, service, and manufacturing sectors. Our involvement with the business community in Columbus offers you extensive access to research sites and senior executives.

Fisher strategically manages the size of its PhD program through careful analysis of market and budgetary conditions and other factors. The result is a small and efficient, high quality program. If you seek to develop your talents and pursue academic inquiry of highest quality, we invite you to explore doctoral study at Fisher College of Business.

Tuition & Funding

All admitted students into any of the Fisher PhD programs are fully funded, including a stipend and tuition costs. The funding may come in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, supplemental grants, etc. Applicants to any PhD program do not need to do anything to be considered for funding - if an applicant is admitted, s/he is funded.

All admitted doctoral students in the college who are not otherwise funded via fellowships are funded as Graduate Teaching Associates or Graduate Research Associates. These positions may involve teaching, assisting faculty in research, and/or administrative activities. Funding is available for four to six years, at the discretion of each academic department.

Specializations for the PhD in Business Administration:

Degree Program Academic Unit
Finance Finance
700 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Contact: Robyn Scholl

International Business

Strategy / Entrepreneurship

Human Resources

Organizational Behavior

Management and Human Resources
700 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

International Business and Strategy /
Entrepreneurship contact:
Mona Makhija

Human Resource Management and
Organizational Behavior contact: Howard Klein

Operations Management

Management Sciences
600 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Aravind Chandrasekaran



*The Marketing & Logistics
programs will not be accepting
applications for Autumn 2019

Marketing & Logistics
500 Fisher Hall
Colunbus, OH 43210

Logistics contact: Mike Knemeyer

Marketing contact: Greg Allenby

PhD in Accounting and MIS:

Degree Program Academic Unit
Accounting and MIS

Accounting & Management
Information Systems
400 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Contact: Darren Roulstone