Department of Management and Human Resources
PhD Specialization in Human Resources

The primary goal of the Management and Human Resources PhD program is to develop top-class researchers in the field of management, with specializations in the areas of entrepreneurship, human resource management, international business, organizational behavior and strategic management.

The specialization in Human Resources (HR) is dedicated to understanding how work organizations can perform more effectively by better management of their human resources. That is, we are interested in understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices (whether in the U.S. or in other countries) in the various functions and activities carried out as part of HR, and determining the optimal fit between these practices and organizational strategies, cultures, and performance.

Important research areas include recruiting, employee selection, performance management, learning, training and development, total rewards (compensation and benefits), and strategic human resource management.

Our faculty studies HR from theoretical perspectives based in economics, psychology, sociology, and management using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Typically, our faculty’s research investigates issues that contribute to the academic discipline as well as inform practice.The emphasis is on studies at the individual, team or group, organizational, and crosslevels of analysis. Our faculty also examines topics that can be considered to be in the realm of organizational behavior including work-family balance, job and work design, and teams. Also, our HR research is not limited to any one type of industry. We study practices within industries such as the middle markets, call centers, the military, restaurants, and hospitals as well as non-profits such as fire departments.