Department of Management and Human Resources
PhD Program Financial Support

Entering doctoral students can receive a Graduate Assistant (GA) Fellowship that covers tuition, insurance and a monthly stipend. Students continuing in the doctoral program are eligible for reappointment based upon funding availability and the most recent annual and periodic student performance evaluations. It is normally expected that students who exhibit acceptable progress in the program will be given such support for a period of five academic years.

Duties and Responsibilities

Students’ year-long GA Fellowship involves a mix of research assistance (RA), teaching assistance (TA), and independent teaching later in the program. During this apprenticeship period, students work closely with one or more faculty members on jointly developed research, as well as assisting in the teaching of courses. When students serve as a teaching assistant to a faculty member teaching a large class for one semester, they are expected to use this opportunity to learn about teaching approaches and techniques. Activities in this regard include help with grading, roster maintenance and other classroom needs.

Stipend Levels

The yearly level of financial support is determined by the Department Chair each year. The stipend levels are based upon University minimums, previous year's levels, College guidelines, levels of stipends offered by competing universities, level of responsibility, and experience.