The primary goal of the Management and Human Resources PhD program is to develop top-class researchers in the field of management, with specializations in the areas of entrepreneurship, human resource management, international business, organizational behavior and strategic management.

The specialization in Organizational Behavior (OB) is devoted to understanding individuals and groups within an organizational context. OB focuses on attributes, processes, behaviors, and outcomes within and between individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational levels of analysis. Major topics include: Individual characteristics and processes (e.g., personality, motivation, emotions); Interpersonal processes (e.g., trust, social exchange, networks); Group/team characteristics and processes (e.g., diversity, cohesion, conflict); organizational processes and practices (e.g., leadership, work design, socialization); Contextual influences (e.g., culture, climate); and the influence of all of the above on individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational outcomes (e.g., performance, creativity, stress, turnover).