Doctoral Program in Operations Management

The PhD. programs of the Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (OSU), like their undergraduate and masters counterparts, are among the most highly ranked programs in the nation. The high quality of the nationally and internationally recognized faculty and research programs establishes an environment for training Ph.D. students to develop new knowledge and disseminate it to the academic community and into business practice. The Fisher College is endowed with a faculty whose scholarly performance enables its programs to be consistently ranked among the leading national research institutions.

The excellent quality of the Fisher College academic program is indicated by the placements of our students. Most of our students place at ranked research schools, with placements in recent years including Cornell, the University of Maryland, and Brigham Young University. Due to the long history of our program, our faculty and alumni network is vast, serving as editors of top journals, leaders in key academic societies, and administrators at desirable colleges around the world. This network is vital to a doctoral student’s development and placement. The Operations Management faculty is very research active, currently ranked 19th worldwide in terms of research output in the five operations journals covered by the UT-Dallas rankings; a ranking that will likely continue to climb. The program is also consistently ranked in the top ten Operations Management faculties in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Further, Operations Management is a very popular elective among our MBA and undergraduate students, providing access to executives interested in recruiting our students.

Excellent PhD programs require a large cluster of actively publishing research faculty with varied interests and perspectives. Faculty should be nationally recognized for teaching and scholarship. Supporting disciplines on campus also must be strong. The overall reputation of the degree granting institution is important. A mature infrastructure for doctoral training is needed. Students need access to research opportunities grounded in business applications. At Fisher, we have a large research-active faculty in operations. At Ohio State, students have the opportunity to pursue methodological or theoretical graduate-level courses from research active faculty in virtually any related discipline imaginable. The college also has centers and institutes, such as the Center for Operational Excellence housed in our department, which can provide easy access to managers to discuss research.

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