Meet some of Fisher's PhD Alumni

Advising and Mentoring Activities

Faculty members spend many hours advising and counseling students regarding their programs of study and dissertations. They counsel about teaching and involve students in their research projects.

Each Fisher PhD student has a faculty advisor through his/her program of study. Some departments also have committees that oversee each PhD student's progress. For more than a decade the college has mandated an annual review for each Ph.D. student. Students receive formal feedback on their progress in the program and have the opportunity to respond to the report and the program.

Career Opportunities

In addition to Fisher faculty consultation, Ohio State's Graduate School operates a career placement and counseling service for all doctoral students on campus. The overwhelming majority of our graduating students - 97 percent - accept academic positions nationally or internationally, while others select careers in business. Because of their extensive training in teaching, Fisher College students have won numerous teaching awards during their doctoral experience and, later, in their academic positions; 9 of 23 doctoral dissertation award winners recognized by the Council of Logistics Management are Ohio State graduates. In addition, other recent award winners include:

  • Neeraj Arora, assistant professor of marketing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a 1996 graduate, was named a winner in the Academy of Marketing Science Dissertation Competition.
  • Rohini Ahluwalia, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Kansas and a 1997 graduate, was named a winner in the American Marketing Association Dissertation Competition.

Recent Job Placements

  • Jaehwan Kim, Ph.D. - Business (Marketing), 2001, University of Colorado
  • Carol Prahinski, Ph.D. - Business (Operations Management), 2001, Ivey School of Business
  • Christo Prinsky, Ph.D. - Business (Finance), 2001, Texas A&M
  • Naomi Rothenberg, Ph.D. - Accounting/MIS, 2001, Purdue University
  • Carolyn Weithoff, Ph.D. - LHR, 2001, University of Indiana, Kelly School of Business
  • Alfred Warner, Ph.D. - Business (Strategic Management), 2001, Penn State - Erie
  • Jan Jindra, Ph.D. - Business (Finance), 2000, Cornerstone Consulting
  • Brad Alge, Ph.D.-MHR, 1999, Purdue University
  • Seungwook Park, Ph.D. - Business (Management Sciences), 1999, University of California, Fullerton
  • Lee Pinkowitz, Ph.D. - Business (Finance), 1999, Georgetown University
  • Neeraj Arora, Ph.D. - Business (Marketing), 1998, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • James Hill, Ph.D.-Business (Management Sciences),1998, Vanderbilt University
  • Bob Jewell, Ph.D. - Business (Marketing), 1998, Virginia Tech
  • Sara Moeller, Ph.D. - Business (Finance), 1998, Southern Methodist University
  • Fred Schlingemann, Ph.D. - Business (Finance), 1998, University of Pittsburgh

Selected Accomplishments

  • Ken Boyer, Ph.D. - Business (Operations Management), 1995, winner of the Stan Hardy Best Paper Award from the Decision Sciences Institute for work based on his dissertation
  • Mitchell A. Farlee, Ph.D. - Accounting & MIS, 1996, winner of an Arthur Andersen Dissertation award
  • Susan Meyer, Ph.D. student, Business (Operations Management), winner of an American Society for Quality doctoral student research award to study quality-related issues
  • Cynthia A. Williams-Turner, Ph.D. - Accounting & MIS, 1995, winner of the Outstanding Dissertation Award by the American Accounting Association