Ph.D. in Marketing

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The Department of Marketing and Logistics has achieved national and international distinction by advancing high quality theory-driven, systematic, empirical scholarship in the priority areas of consumer behavior and quantitative modeling of marketing phenomena.

We welcome students with outstanding academic accomplishments who seek to make a contribution to the theory and practice of marketing. While prior business training and experience are a plus, students with expertise in a basic discipline outside of business can bring a fresh perspective to marketing problems. Therefore, we accept students with backgrounds in economics, statistics, and psychology, as well as individuals with formal business training and experience. Earning a Ph.D. degree should correspond with a lifelong commitment to continued growth and excellence in all aspects of scholarly activity which include research, teaching, and professional service. The faculty and the department culture promote this commitment in every student who graduates from the doctoral program. As a result, we have a large group of graduates who have published successfully in the top journals of the field and are widely recognized as eminent scholars.

Why a Ph.D. in Marketing?

A Ph.D. is the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning. It helps you develop a rigorous way of thinking about theoretical problems. You will learn to conceptualize abstract information, critique and synthesize what you learn, develop a comprehensive understanding of issues pertinent to marketing, and integrate that knowledge into areas of cutting edge research. While the focus of a Master’s program is in solving practical problems faced by one company at one point in time, a doctoral program trains you to think about problems faced in marketing by several companies across time horizons. The Ph.D. program also instills in you the ability to enjoy learning and pursue learning as a goal for the rest of your career.

Why Fisher?

Students tell us their choice of a Ph.D. program is generally based on:

  • The quality of graduate faculty in the department
  • The success of students who graduated from the department
  • The overall university environment

Current PhD Students

Our current Marketing PhD students are listed below, as well as links to their Fisher directory biographies:

You can explore the full list of our faculty, staff, and PhD members using the Fisher Directory tool.

Objectives & Milestones

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Marketing PhD Alumni

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