The Colloquium Series invites scholars to present their research and spend a day on campus meeting with Marketing and Logistics faculty, doctoral students, and academics from other departments.

Exposure to a variety of research helps doctoral students to expand their research knowledge and establish contacts for future job searches. The faculty also benefit from this type of regular contact with leading scholars in the field, and the visits sometimes result in joint-publishing opportunities.

All presentations are held in 500 Fisher Hall unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in participating in or attending the Fisher Marketing & Logistics Colloquium series call 614-292-8808.

Spring Semester 2019 Marketing Research Camp

February 22nd

Morning-Gerlach Hall 375

10:05AM - Joel Huber, Duke University, Components of Effort for Repeated Tasks

Afternoon-Gerlach Hall 305

1:35AM - Sam Maglio, University of Toronto, How long will I keep it? Planned retention for gifts from near and far

3:35PM - F. Reed Johnson, Duke University, Comparing the Non-Comparable: The Need for Equivalence Measures that Make Sense in Health-Economic Evaluations