Stephanie L Flout

PhD Candidate – Consumer Behavior

Marketing & Logistics


Stephanie is a fifth year Marketing PhD candidate, specializing in consumer behavior at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She is currently on the academic job market for 2024. Stephanie's research interests include: Aesthetics, Consumer Inference, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Person Perception.  Stephanie's research on consumer minimalism has been presented at the Association for Consumer Research annual conference, the Society for Consumer Psychology annual conference, and the Mittelstaedt & Gentry Doctoral Symposium. 

Stephanie holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees, in Political Science and in French & International Economics, from the University of Kentucky as well as dual Masters Degrees, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MA in Arts Administration, from the University of Cincinnati. 

Please reach out to Stephanie to chat about potential collaborations, research, employment opportunities or other questions you may have.


Dr. Xiaoyan Deng 

Junior Advisor

Dr. Yunhui Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University)


BUSML 4201 - Consumer Behavior

Examines how and why people behave as consumers. Its goals are to provide an understanding of consumer behavior and to provide experience in the application of this knowledge to marketing management and social policy decision making. Prereq: 3250, AcctMIS 2200, 2300, BusOBA 2320, and 2321; and BusMHR 2291 or 2292. 

Student Evaluation of Instructor (SEI) Rating: 4.78 (University Average is 4.42)