Rankings and Statistics

  • Undergraduate Program

    U.S News and World Report 2018

    • 15th overall, 7th among public universities
    • 10th, Accounting
    • 12th, Analytics minor
    • 12th, Finance
    • 14th, Management Sciences
    • 21st, Marketing
    • 10th, Operations
    • 6th, Supply Chain Management / Logistics

    Public Accounting Report 2017

    • 14th overall, 11th among public universities 

    Businessweek 2016

    • 14th overall, 7th among public universities

  • Full-Time MBA Program

    U.S. News and World Report 2019

    • 31st overall, 12th among public universities 
    • 13th, Accounting
    • 27th, Finance
    • 10th, Production and Operations
    • 4th, Supply Chain Management and Logistics

    Financial Times 2018

    • 68th overall, 34th in the U.S., 16th among public universities

    Businessweek 2017

    • 37th in the U.S., 14th among public universities​

    The Economist 2017

    • 52nd overall, 35th in the U.S., 14th among public universities

    Forbes 2017

    • 46th overall, 23rd among public universities
  • Working Professional MBA Program

    U.S. News & World Report 2019

    • 9th in the U.S., 5th among public universities
  • Executive MBA Program

    Businessweek 2013

    • 9th worldwide, 8th in the U.S., 2nd among public universities
  • Master of Accounting Program

    U.S. News & World Report 2018

    14th overall

    Public Accounting Report 2017

    • 12th overall, 10th among public universities ("large universities" category)
  • Specialized Master in Finance

    Financial Times 2018

    • 51st overall, 10th in the U.S., 3rd among public universities
  • PhD Program

    Public Accounting Report 2017

    • 25th overall, 19th among public universities
  • Faculty Research

    Overall Rankings

    Financial Times 2018

    • 26th worldwide, 23rd in the U.S., 11th among public universities

    University of Texas-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 19th worldwide, 17th in the U.S., 7th among U.S. public universities


    Brigham Young University Accounting Research Rankings

    • 2nd worldwide

    UT-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 16th worldwide, 16th in the U.S., 6th among U.S. public universities


    UT-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 12th worldwide, 11th in the U.S., 4th among public universities

    Management Sciences

    UT-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 10th worldwide, 8th in the U.S., 2nd among public universities

    Management, Strategy and International Business

    UT-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 27th worldwide, 18th in the U.S., 10th among public universities


    UT-Dallas Rankings 2012-2016

    • 38th worldwide, 32nd in the U.S., 15th among public universities

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