Specialized Master in Business Analytics
A Saturday-Only, Blended Learning Delivery Model

At Fisher we understand the challenges that working professionals face. For most working professionals, long and unpredictable working hours make taking classes in the evening particularly challenging after very busy days at work—more so for working professionals with young kids and other family obligations. Unlike traditional evening programs where students tend to study on a part-time basis, however, our Specialized Master in Business Analytics (SMB-A) is a full-time program delivered over 2.5 semesters. Classes meet roughly every other Saturday in order to accommodate the needs of working professionals, while also being accessible to non-working professionals.

The program will use a hybrid course delivery format, blending a mix of ¾ online instruction with ¼ on-campus class meetings involving in-depth discussion, live demonstration and explorations of subjects and hands-on individual and group exercises.

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Using this blended format, students will essentially take two courses at a time, with the delivery of each 3-credit hour course spread over 3 Saturdays during a 7-weeks term with distance-learning content and support in-between. Saturday class meetings will be delivered in 3.5-hour blocks (8:30am-12pm, and 1:30pm-5:00pm). Lunch will be provided. The delivery format and program of study conform to The Ohio State University academic calendar: classes will begin toward the end of August, with each half-semester consisting of two classes for a total of ten 3-credit hour courses classes and one 1.5-hour course delivered as follows:

Curriculum Structure:

AUTUMN Term One Statistics (3), Managerial Economics (3)
Term Two Data Management (3), Accounting and Finance (3)
SPRING Term One Descriptive Analytics (3), Predictive Analytics (3)
Term Two Prescriptive Analytics (3), Electives (3)
SUMMER Term One Leadership (1.5), Electives (3), Practicum / Capstone Project (3)

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