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Video Resources

The Office of Career Management provides helpful video resources and tutorials to help student achieve their goal of obtaining a full-time position or internship. Listed below are the categories of videos currently available.

  • Open/Close Interviewing Skills

    Whether you are an undergraduate Fisher student prepping for your QUIC Interview or a graduate student brushing up on your interview skills, the following videos will help you build a strategy for answering basic interview questions.

    The videos provide advice from recruiters and career management, examples of answers, and critiques of the answers to provide useful insights to developing your own responses.

    Are you prepared?


    How to Answer: "Tell me about yourself"
    Learn how to be informative and interesting while introducing yourself in the interview.


    How to Answer "Behavior Based Interview Questions"
    Learn how to answer open ended questions that ask you tell a story or explain a task.


    Interview Skills - Demonstrating Your Fit with the Company
    What do you know about my company - how to tell the recruiter what you know about their company and how you connect with it.


    How to Answer - "Why did you choose your major?"
    Hear advice from recruiters about why they ask this question and how best to answer it.


    How to Answer - "Why Should We Hire You for this Position?"
    Learn a simple structure for how to answer this question.


    How to Close an Interview
    Four critical things for successfully closing a job interview like a pro.


    Video Interviews - Strategies for Success
    Tips and tricks to help students prepare for video interviews for internships or full time positions.

  • Open/Close Career Fair Preparation

    Career Fair Prep Videos

    What to Expect at the Career Faiir


    How to Prepare: Elevator Pitch, Company Research, and Professional Dress


    During the Career Fair: Engaging with Employers and Quick Tips


    After the Career Fair: Following Up with Employers and Utilizing Handshake

  • Open/Close International Student Success

    Topics for International Students
    The Office of Career Management offers a variety of resources and comprehensive support for international students.

  • Open/Close Managing Job Offers

    How to Best Manage the Job Offer Process