About the Center for Operational Excellence


The ability to adapt matters more than ever; the digital age is changing the work we do and the roles we have, requiring a culture that values continuous learning and a relentless cycle of process improvement.

Our mission is to work alongside our members to foster that culture by using tried and true principles of operational excellence that can transform products, processes, and routines in any organization, in any industry. With a drive for excellence at the core of what we do, our collaborative relationships with members often focus on the following goals: making data driven decisions, increasing speed to market, reducing lead time, strengthening supply chain relationships, improving quality, creating a continuous learning culture,  and developing collaborative leaders.



Your organization has worked hard to sharpen its value proposition into a unique competitive edge, and your operational excellence strategy should propel you forward. At COE, we keep you focused on your “true north” amid constant change, ensuring the vision at the top matches the action on the ground.  



Looking for advice as you begin a new step in your organization’s journey to transformational change? Wondering how other companies have achieved a similar goal? Our network of COE leadership, faculty experts, and member companies is at your fingertips. Let us help you build relationships with other organizations whose struggles and successes may guide the next steps your take on your own path.  



Each small win – with quality, with process, with culture – is one part of a bigger story in your organization’s journey, one that can grow unpredictable as economic and industry dynamics shift.
COE is a constant in a world of change that can offer energy, inspiration, and perspective.

COE member organizations span the manufacturing, supply chain, financial services, and utilities sectors, but great ideas and sustainable strategies can translate across industry. Getting outside your four walls can help you see your own challenges in a new light, too. COE serves as a “matchmaker” for members looking to connect and share best practices and common challenges in a way that benefits everyone.

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Annie Platten
Member Relations Manager