make the most of it
Maximizing Membership Value

Membership in the Center for Operational Excellence means your company is committed to being part of a larger community of leaders with their sights set on working better, faster and smarter. COE offers many avenues for learning and connecting with the broader operational excellence community – what’s crucial is leveraging your company’s membership to its maximum potential. Here are the 10 ways you and your organization can make the most of membership:

Get Engaged

  • 1. Get on our mailing list

    COE sends out e-mail updates three to four times per month that include our Current State e-newsletter, event invitations, partner event opportunities, and the latest information on our annual Leading Through Excellence summit. If you’re not a part of our mailing list, head here to join.

  • 2. Attend our year-round seminars and forums

    Your company’s annual COE membership includes complimentary admission to the nearly 20 events we host throughout the year, ranging from small-scale deep dives into supply chain management and innovation practices to our full-day seminars. Regardless of your company and organizational role, you’ll find value in a number of events we host – so head to our events page and get started.

  • 3. Livestream an event

    Can’t make it to an event in person? COE livestreams most events throughout the year and archives the sessions for members to view at a later time at our members-only digital content archive.

  • 4. Bring your team to our annual summit

    Looking for the one can’t-miss event COE hosts each year? Look no further. Our Leading Through Excellence summit is a dynamic three-day experience that brings together hundreds of process excellence practitioners from around the globe for a wide-ranging look at the latest in leadership and problem-solving skill development through workshops, off-site tours, breakout sessions, keynote speakers and networking events. As an employee of a COE member company, you receive discounted admission to the summit. Bringing a group not only maximizes the value of your experience but also further minimizes your cost.

  • 5. Dive into our digital content archive

    Members have exclusive access to archived webcasts, presentation PDFs and other materials for more than 100 events dating back to 2009. Our members-only section also is the gateway for livestreaming current events and accessing Leading Through Excellence breakout session materials dating back to the event’s inaugural year in 2013.

  • 6. Connect with our cutting-edge researchers

    COE member companies might all be focused on the pursuit of process excellence, but we recognize different industries have different needs. That’s why we have a variety of associate directors on staff who have spent decades researching the managerial problems that keep leaders up at night and bringing their leading insights to the operations community. Check out our staff page and review the experts we have to offer. For our members, they’re on hand for on-site visits, project connections, or simply to offer up research insights.

  • 7. Benchmark with another company

    Not all learning takes place during COE events. Many companies leverage their COE membership to connect with other organizations on their process excellence journey, using COE staff as a starting point. Check out our list of member companies and connect with Member Relations Manager Krista Barezinsky at

  • 8. Tap into Fisher's talent base

    Looking to recruit an intern or a full-time hire? COE membership gives you preferred access to the Fisher College of Business Office of Career Management, which can help fulfill your employment needs. Regularly attending COE events also means numerous opportunities to connect with students who volunteer – and might be perfect for the job.

  • 9. Let us come to you

    Want to talk about how to get the most out of your membership? Need a sounding board for your operational excellence visit? Looking to run a learning event for your staff? Bring us on-site and we’ll make it happen. Contact Member Relations Manager Krista Barezinsky at

  • 10. Take the next step in your continuing education journey

    COE is just one part of the broader process excellence ecosystem at Fisher College of Business. Its Executive Education department offers a wide range of degree and non-degree opportunities, ranging from its groundbreaking Master of Business Operational Excellence program to Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training. COE staff can help you determine what’s the right next step for you or your team, whether it’s an existing offering or a potential custom program. You also can check out our recommended opportunities for continuing education.