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Person with iPad working at homeJanuary 27 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

As we transition into Industry 4.0, digitalization is changing the face of logistics every single day, and DHL’s customers are increasingly looking to them to help navigate the uncertainties of a fast-evolving technological landscape.

The supply chains of the future will be fully digitalized, enabled by technology and standardized processes. DHL supply chain has set upon a journey to accelerate digitalization and transform the way supply chains operate. Omer Rashid, VP Solutions Design North America at DHL, will share the unique approach DHL Supply Chain has developed, which includes pairing industry knowledge and co-creating with the right partners – customers, suppliers, academics – to develop and deploy game changing solutions. Focused on a pragmatic approach, DHL’s innovation funnel creates the framework to transform digital innovation from ideas to productized, scalable fast-track technologies. He will share why DHL believes that digitalization is more than just about operational efficiencies or innovating core processes - it is about reinventing the customer experience.

Omer Rashid has over 20 years of experience in supply chain and operations design, the last 10 with DHL Supply Chain based in Westerville, OH.  In his current role, he has responsibility for the North American Solutions Design team, delivering customer solutions for Facility Design, Transportation, and Value Added Services.  Recently, he was responsible for the organization’s digitalization strategy, with a focus on adopting practical innovation and robotics into DHL’s operations. Prior to joining DHL, Omer spent over 10 years in supply chain consulting, optimizing logistics networks and distribution centers, conducting site assessments, and implementing large projects for customers across all sectors. He has spoken on Supply Chain topics at industry events including WERC, FMI, Automotive Logistics, Promat and the Gartner supply chain executive conference. 



Title "Real Estate and the Road Ahead" overlayed over office sceneFebruary 10 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

In early 2020, the global pandemic sent millions of employees to work from home, boosted eCommerce as crowded storefronts became less safe, and caused supply chain issues that continue to this day. Now that there is hope inspired by a vaccine rollout and a possible end in sight, what does the future of commercial real estate look like?

This period of immense change has brought many questions.  Will companies need more office space to accommodate social distancing, or less space due to preferences for a permanent work from home economy? Will demand for warehouse space continue to grow to account for uncertain inventory demands, or will businesses return to just-in-time efficiencies? Which areas of retail will regain their footing, and which will never recover? Join us for this webinar, co-hosted by The Center for Operational Excellence and The Center for Real Estate, on the post-pandemic real estate landscape and the implications for all of us.

Panelists include Yaromir Steiner, CEO, Steiner & Associates; Matt Wersel, Managing Partner, Mohr Partners; Carl Deluca, Head of Real Estate, Americas, DHL.

About the speakers:

Yaromir Steiner formed Steiner + Associates in 1993 with a vision of creating welcoming, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly, Town Center destinations—environments for people to not only shop, but also to live, work and play. Over the past 24 years, the company has turned that vision into reality by developing more than 7.4 million square feet of mixed-use space including retail, restaurant, residential, entertainment, hospitality and office uses.

Matt Wersel represents many of the largest and most valuable corporations in the world. He spent his first 14 years in key markets at CBRE, before transitioning in 2018 to the industry’s largest tenant representation firm, Mohr Partners. Matt quickly earned the prestigious title of Managing Partner, only held by a very select few within the organization. He is now a significant contributor to the United States brokerage landscape on a whole. Throughout the course of his career, Matt has developed concrete relationships with major institutions, private ownerships, vendors and significant market-makers throughout the world.

Carl DeLuca is the Head of Real Estate Solutions for the Americas Region of DHL Supply Chain, the world’s leading contract logistics provider. Real Estate Solutions (RES) is a full service Real Estate Development & Acquisition platform within DHL Supply Chain. Carl oversees a comprehensive team of commercial real estate professionals spanning several countries whom deliver the optimal real estate solution for DHL, its customers as well as third party clients.  In addition to his responsibilities as Head of Real Estate Solutions, Carl is also a member of the DHL Global Real Estate Investment Committee and the North American & Latin American Project Review Boards for Supply Chain.   




Teal image of a man in a suit leaning back in his chair; text overlay: The Curious Leader:  How a mindset of curiosity will help you succeed. February 24.February 24 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

Becoming a curious leader can help make you and your team more successful. Curious leaders have a greater tendency to grow and develop over time, adapt more effectively to change, and create more innovative solutions.

We will explore how leaders can develop a mindset of curiosity (seeking new experiences and knowledge with an openness to change). We will cover:

  • The ways in which curiosity makes individuals, teams, and organizations more successful
  • How curiosity can make you a more effective leader
  • Tips for cultivating curiosity
  • Steps to turn curiosity into competence

Attendees will be better equipped to cultivate curiosity in themselves and others as well as understand the role curiosity plays in increasing innovation, reducing errors, developing individuals, and improving performance.

Bethany Klynn is the President and Owner of Insight Leadership Consulting and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership development, executive coaching, and shaping organizational cultures. She consults with and coaches leaders to help them gain new insights that accelerate their success and enable them to achieve even better results. She has significant experience developing C-suite leaders and their teams during times of change and transformation. Bethany works with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries: retail, healthcare, financial services, insurance, packaged goods, technology, manufacturing, higher education, and non-profit. Bethany leverages proven instruments and tools to help leaders in their journey. She has a passion for helping leaders develop greater self-awareness and become even more successful.



Image of a Desk with Papers and Hands at Work; Title Overlay: How Key Lean Systems Can Build a Culture of ConfidenceMarch 9 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

An uncertain future demands flexibility in our workplaces. That flexibility will be fueled by the creativity of people in our organizations. Imagine what we could achieve if everyone came to work every day and did something to improve their own workspace, if everyone was willing to try something new, and if people persisted through failure.

It takes people with high self-efficacy, a kind of confidence in our ability to do certain tasks. For flexibility in a workplace, we need people who are confident to make changes and solve problems without waiting to be told what to do. But we also need leaders who empower their people do this.

In this session, we’ll share 7 steps to take at work to build individual confidence and self-efficacy. David Veech, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, will show you how to build a visual system that will give autonomy to your teams while preserving your sense of control. We'll talk about how one small change in the way we solve problems will result in more confidence and more creativity. While this is based on some pretty heavy psychological theories, this talk is extremely practical, with a take home tool you can put in place immediately in any workplace.

About the speaker

Highly energetic, enlivening, and a proud decorated veteran, David Veech is an influential Entrepreneur, Published Author, and Motivational Speaker with a sole mission to support leaders in becoming the best version of themselves they can be. He has an extensive professional background within his field, and after 40 years of passionately studying and teaching leadership to thousands, he has built a solid foundation on what it takes to deliver compelling messages that provide deep, authentic inspiration that surfaces one's full potential. David attended Western Kentucky University, where he earned a degree in Government and International Relations. At age 20, he enrolled in the US Army Infantry as a lieutenant, where he performed active duty for 20 years before retiring. While there, David began teaching leadership tactics in the ROTC department at Stetson University. He was also selected for the Army Acquisition Corps and earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management at Clemson University. Though David is a well-established and popular speaker who focuses on developing great leaders and establishing healthy workplace environments, he also wears several other hats. For instance, he is the author of two best-selling leadership books, owns a travel agency, built two successful international consulting firms, avidly taught leadership within four different Universities, and was the former owner of The Bluegrass Revolution Ultimate Disk Club.




March 23 - Office Optional

April 7-8 - Virtual Leading Through Excellence Summit