April 25: 'Creating Your Success Story'
Follow-up Web Event | Noon - 1pm

success story 201904

Presented by COE's Women's Leadership Committee

Did you attend COE's Jan. 18 "Creating Your Success Story" panel? Driven by attendee interest, we're hosting a follow-up discussion online with COE’s women’s leadership committee and a few panelists from the original event. During this digital touch-base, you'll have the chance to share your progress or roadblocks in your journey so far this year. Have the problem-solving frameworks that drive and sustain change in the world of operational excellence been helpful in creating and executing on your “success story” for 2019?

We'll be providing dial-in/login information to all attendees the week of the event.


Partner Event: May 10 | 1-4 p.m. | Pomerene Hall, OSU campus
Ohio's New Cybersecurity Law:
What Will it Mean for Business and for Data Protection?

Presented by the Ohio State Moritz College of Law Program on Data and Governance
with generous support from Microsoft


The Ohio Legislature recently passed an innovative cybersecurity law that provides an important opportunity for companies doing business in the state. The Ohio Data Protection Act (ODPA) (S.B. 220) grants an affirmative defense against data breach tort claims to those businesses that bring their cybersecurity frameworks up to an industry standard. Other states’ cybersecurity laws focus on requirements or penalties. The Ohio statute uses an affirmative defense to incentivize companies to improve their cybersecurity practices.

There are many open questions about this first-of-its-kind law: Are the industry standards it identifies sufficiently protective? Will the new affirmative defense actually convince companies to enhance their cybersecurity programs? How can businesses qualify for the affirmative defense? How will the ODPA affect data breach tort litigation in the state?

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Program on Data and Governance and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection recently published an in-depth analysis of the ODPA. They are hosting an event at which expert legal practitioners and cybersecurity professionals—including some of the architects of the legislation—will explore the history and components of the ODPA, how businesses can obtain the affirmative defense, and the Act’s practical and policy implications.


June 19: IT Leadership Network | Executive Gemba
Host: Nationwide | 9am-12:30pm
Topic | Beyond Agile: How Lean, Agile, and DevOps Combine 

In this session, hosted at COE member Nationwide's downtown Columbus headquarters, take deep dive into one of Nationwide’s technology areas that has moved beyond agile software development and lean management to create an end-to-end model focused on business outcomes and customer value. We’ll trace this system from the frontline through the c-suite and discover the value of direct business integration and elimination of proxies.

This session is open to senior-level leaders in the I.T. space at their organizations and, as such, will be limited in attendance.

Registration opens early May

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