Oct. 7 - I.T. Leadership Network forum

Featured keynote: Brad Power, founder, CXcelerator; blogger, Harvard Business Review
"Don't Just Improve Work - Innovate Continuously"

brad powerProcess improvement is a strategic competency every organization needs, but it isn't enough. As the business world shifts from competing with physical assets and people to data and software, organizations become more and more dependent on process innovation, whether it's design thinking, product and service disruption, incubation, or end-to-end optimization. For this shift, look no further than General Electric, which has shifted from a lean/Six Sigma to Lean Startup focus as it makes a competitive play with its game-changing Predix software platform. 

At the same time, companies can't just be world-class at only operational excellence, customer intimacy or product leadership. Competing today means excelling in all three as software startups and icons such as Apple, Facebook and Google are causing unprecedented disruption. So how do they do it?

Keynote Brad Power (pictured, above) in this session will identify the major roadblocks legacy organizations face in shifting from continuous improvement to continuous process innovation. He'll also shed light on how companies can move past these roadblocks.

In this session, Power draws on a rich career that includes developing business reengineering with Michael Hammer and CSC Index in the 1980s and 1990s, leading a process management research center at in the 2000s, and working with the Lean Enterprise Institute. Today, Power is a partner at FCB Partners, an education and advisory firm that carries on the work of Michael Hammer; founding partner of CXcelerator, helping organizations increase continuous, personalized conversations with customers; and founding partner at ContinuousX, helping organizations increase the frequency of their product and service innovations. He also blogs for the Harvard Business Review.    

This session is open to employees of COE member and non-member companies

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8:30 a.m. Check-in / Networking / Continental breakfast
9:30 a.m. Keynote: "Don't Just Improve Work: Innovate Continuously," Brad Power
10:30 a.m. Audience Q&A
11 a.m. Program concludes


Oct. 21 - Supply Chain Forum: The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Featured keynote: Chris Caplice, executive director, Center for Transportation and Logistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The future rarely moves in predictable ways. Shifting trends in technology, demographics and economics are dramatically impacting how companies plan and operate. These changes aren’t following historical patterns, either, making them difficult to predict using traditional forecasting.

chris caplice mit
Chris Caplice

Unfortunately, companies often are unprepared for what’s to come, locked in their current environment with little capability to change or adjust along with underlying conditions. This can lead to a dominant design that’s not amenable to disruptions, as seen in the U.S. distribution and freight transportation network. New trends on the rise, however, are challenging supply chains that haven’t changed in decades.

Caplice in this session will highlight how four oncoming trends – miniaturization, virtualization, decentralization and digitization – will alter the competitive landscape as companies devise new ways to serve their customers. This session will provide supply chain managers and others with new insights as they rethink assumptions in their partner selection, distribution network design, and chosen service platforms. 

An award-winning scholar in the transportation and logistics field, Caplice also is the founder of MIT’s FreightLab, a research initiative that focuses on improving the way freight transportation is designed and managed. He has experience in supply chain consulting, product development, and professional services at several companies and is the chief scientist for Chainalytics, the leading analytical supply chain consulting firm. Read his full bio on MIT’s website here.

This session is open to employees of COE member companies and invited guests only.

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8 a.m. Check-in / Supply Chain Career Connection 
Informal networking event with Fisher graduate students seeking careers in supply chain. Featured keynote is in Mason Hall across Fisher courtyard.
Gerlach Hall, FCOB
9:30 a.m. Keynote: "Disrupting The Dominant Design for Distribution"
Chris Caplice, MIT
Mason Hall, FCOB
11 a.m.

Panel Discussion: The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

  • Chris Caplice, MIT
  • David Widdifield, global director, retail solutions, Crane Worldwide Logistics
  • Mike Knemeyer, professor of logistics, Fisher College of Business
  • (Additional panelists TBA)
Mason Hall, FCOB
Noon Program concludes  


Partner Event: Oct. 26 - Six Sigma Solutions Breakfast

Topic: Team Excellence and Team Building

Organizations understand that a vital element of success is selection, development and retention of talented people. Just as important, however, is the ability of these talented people to work together effectively in teams. Unfortunately, however, this is often easier said than done.  In this session, Larry Inks will draw on both his industry and academic experience to discuss the concept of high-performance teams, methods for aligning and engaging team members in collaborative ways, and approaches to team development and team building.  As part of the session, participants will engage in a substantive team building exercise that can be applied back at their own work settings. 

Join us October 26 at the Lean Six Sigma Solutions Breakfast to learn more about team excellence and team building with Larry Inks, clinical associate professor of management and human resources.

Location: The Blackwell Inn Ballroom, 2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH 43210


  • 7 a.m.: Breakfast and networking
  • 7:30 a.m.: Welcome and introductions
  • 7:40 - 9 a.m.: Program



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