Friday, Sept. 15 - Professional Development Meeting
25th Anniversary Celebration

10:30 a.m. keynote: Robert Martichenko
Founder/CEO, LeanCor Supply Chain Group
'Lessons in Lean: Lessons in Leadership'

robert martichenko leancorThere is no question that building cultures of continuous improvement is a progressive evolution that takes time, with many hard lessons learned along the way. Join Martichenko as he discusses his lessons learned while building organizational cultures focused on lean thinking and relentless business improvement.

Blending personal and professional life experiences, Martichenko addresses current-day challenges as well as opportunities that exist in our new world of constant disruption. In the end, he shares wisdom and knowledge that will allow today’s business leaders to continue down the path to successfully discover hidden profit.

1 p.m. keynote: Billy Taylor
Director North America Manufacturing, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
'People-Driven Operational Excellence'

billy taylor goodyearFrom a fledgling plant manager to a top leader at an iconic brand, Billy Taylor has been on a lifelong journey to discover and unlock the power of engaging people. A self-described “evangelist” for people-inclusion processes in operational excellence, the director of North America manufacturing at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. believes it all comes back to relying on empowered people in organizations and institutionalizing operational excellence through them.

In this afternoon keynote, Taylor draws on his personal story, ranging from childhood turning points to a career spanning more than 20 years of driving people-driven business excellence. His insights offer keys to building a high-performance, self-sustaining culture that’s the foundation for company-wide success. Getting there, however, means more than just ownership at the top – and Taylor shares powerful, practical examples and proven processes to drive sustainable results through a bottom-up approach.


Location: The Blackwell, 2100 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH

  • 8:30 a.m.: Board meeting (COE board members and invited guests only)
  • 10:30 a.m.: Morning Keynote - 'Lessons in Lean: Lessons in Leadership,' Robert Martichenko, COE, LeanCor
    (Also offered via live webcast)
  • Noon: Networking lunch
  • 1 p.m.: Afternoon Keynote - 'People-Driven Operational Excellence,' Billy Taylor, Head of North America Mfg., Goodyear
    (Also offered via live webcast)
  • 3 p.m.: Program concludes


About Your Speakers

  • Robert Martichenko, Founder/CEO, LeanCor Supply Chain Group

    robert martichenko leancorRobert’s entire career has been committed to third party logistics. Beginning his journey in transportation and warehousing, Robert has spent over 20 years learning and implementing lean and operational excellence with a focus on end-to-end supply chain management. Early in his career, Robert recognized the unmet logistics needs of lean manufacturers. Lean had long been utilized to improve manufacturing processes, but Robert realized it was time to extend these programs and start connecting lean principles to partners within the supply chain. This experience allowed Robert to found LeanCor for the sole purpose of supporting customers to advance their supply chains.

    A globally recognized thought leader in lean thinking and end-to-end supply chain management, Robert is a senior instructor for the Lean Enterprise Institute and the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute. He also serves in volunteer and advisory positions at the College of Charleston, Appalachian State University, The Urban Electric Company and is a frequent speaker for professional industry groups around the world.

    Robert has written several business books,  two of which were awarded the prestigious Shingo Research Award.  He recently co-authored Discovering Hidden Profit, detailing the operational framework to connect the four core processes of business strategy, product life-cycle management, sale and marketing, and supply-chain operations in order to maximize customer value at the lowest possible total cost. In addition to numerous industry articles and white papers, Robert has published a novel, titled Drift and Hum.

  • Billy Taylor, Dir. Commercial, Off-Highway and Support Mfg. NA, Goodyear

    billy taylor goodyearBilly Taylor is a respected, motivating and natural visionary leader with over 20 years of diverse experience in all phases of operations management. He took on the role of Director of Commercial, Off-Highway, and Support Manufacturing, North America, at Goodyear last year after serving as Director of North American Commercial Manufacturing. Past roles at Goodyear include plant director and plant manager.

    Taylor is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt business leader with a proven track record of accelerating revenue growth through strategic and tactical development and implementation of operational excellence systems and people engagement processes. He has his MBA from Baker University and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Prairie View A&M University.

Note: This event is open only to employees of COE member companies and invited guests.


Friday, Oct. 20 - Supply Chain Symposium

Featured keynote: Robert Handfield
Professor, North Carolina State University; Exec. Dir., Supply Chain Resource Cooperative
'The Living Supply Chain: Operating in Real Time'

Handfield will share his insights on the “New Rules of Supply Chain Management”, that follow along the lines of the natural world that exists in the Serengeti Desert and in nature. Many of these rules have to do with the idea of creating a broader view of the supply chain as a LIVING network of entities, that rely on their mutual balance to remain healthy. The emphasis of employing real-time data to sense and respond to the natural ecosystem of enterprise supply chains using analytics and cognitive computing methods will draw on Handfield’s recent research and consulting work with Flex, Nike, Lenovo, and other Fortune 200 companies.

Registration opens in September ...

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