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Warehouse with text overlay reading Supply Chain Symposium: Risk and RewardOctober 23 |  12:00pm - 2:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it? Are we talking about inventory, supplier/carrier capacity, or just cash on hand?

For our annual Supply Chain Symposium in collaboration with Fisher's student group Supply Chain Association (SCA), we will host three speakers will lead an informative discussion from an academic, global, and medical perspective. Dr. Keely Croxton, an award-winning professor at the Fisher School of business, will introduce the topic of agile supply chains from an academic perspective, outlining the importance of being ready for the good and bad to impact your supply chain. Then, Steve Milligan, former CEO of Western Digital, will present his perspective on weather-related supply chain disruptions from his experience leading a tech/data storage giant through the typhoons in the early 2010s. Erika Zavar, Director of Supply Chain Technology and Analytics, will continue the topic with Cardinal Health's progress in dealing with real-time supply chain issues in the field of medical device distribution. Finally, Matt Habash, CEO and President of Mid-Ohio Food Collective will close with a presentation on supply chain and food distribution.

As part of this student-led event, we will close the symposium with virtual breakout rooms, so professionals can connect with the Fisher students poised to become tomorrow's leaders. We hope you can join us for a dynamic illustration of real-world problems! 



Employees sitting around a table in a meeting with text overlay that reads: Integrating Organizational Change Management and Continuous Improvement

October 28 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

No matter what the size or complexity, continuous improvement (CI) initiatives depend on people effectively adopting to process change.  While the CI discipline has a robust methodology and toolset, integrating some specific components from the field of organizational change management (OCM) can improve the sustainability of the CI program.

In this session, hear about the partnership between Grange Insurance and Success by Sprite. Grange Insurance has a robust CI program that is integrated across all the company’s change initiatives. They have adapted the Success By Sprite Process Change Impact Log to integrate the key OCM areas of stakeholder identification, communications planning, culture change, learning, and sponsorship with identified process impacts to move individuals from where they currently are to where the business needs them to be.  This allows them to capture key information, including: policy and process changes, degree and type of change, recommended OCM intervention, learning impacts and recommended learning activities, identification of stakeholder roles and changes by stakeholder role. After attending this session, users will be able to:

  • Capture process change impacts, affected stakeholders, recommended OCM interventions, and learning activities in a single location.
  • Conduct high-level business impact discussions with executives
  • Improve the probability of successful and sustainable change adoption

Brenda Sprite has more than twenty years of experience as an organizational strategist. Brenda’s focus is to help clients create a strategy that produces a culture of success where people at all levels understand the value of sustainable change. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Labor and Industrial Relations (MLIR) from Michigan State University.  Her certifications include CCMP (Certified Change Management Professional), Prosci®, PMP and the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. She is President and CEO of Success By Sprite, LLC, a company committed to unlocking the value of people.

Amy Tomaszewski is currently the Assistant Vice President of Operational Excellence at Grange Insurance. Amy is passionate about improving processes in all operations, having worked in the property & casualty insurance industry for 32 years, in personal and commercial lines of business, as well as Information Technology. She has experience leading production and operations teams in both business units and shared services, and believes in the power of leading and developing engaged associates toward improved customer value, and metric-driven results utilizing the continuous improvement methodologies of Lean Management and Lean Six Sigma. Grange Insurance is a multi-line insurance provider founded in 1935 and based in Columbus, Ohio with nearly $3 billion in assets and more than $1.2 billion in annual revenue. Grange has been named a Top Workplace in Central Ohio for four straight years, and serves policyholders in 13 states through its network of independent agents.



3D printing machine with text overlay: Leveraging Additive Manufacturing in Hyrbid and Specialization SettingsNovember 11 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

Additive manufacturing options (3D printing), for design and prototyping, tooling, and part manufacturing is changing the way managers need to think about their supply chains.

In this panel, we’ll start by talking about building in-house organizational awareness and pivotal in-house experiences with additive manufacturing, as well as how to rationalize it as a complement to existing capabilities. Next, we will discuss leveraging upstream material and service partnership that maximize the return on in-house efforts and interests. We’ll end with a discussion of rational tactics at expanding downstream awareness, and approaches to overcoming demand-side barriers. Panel members include:

Dr. Elliot Bendoly, Fisher College of Business Distinguished Professor in the Management Sciences, at the Ohio State University, and Operations Management Distinguished Scholar at the Academy of Management. 

Greg Cebular is the VP of Sales & Project Management at The Technology House (TTH), an advanced manufacturer specializing in Additive Manufacturing since 1996. TTH blends new 3D printing technologies with traditional technologies like Cast Urethane Molding, Injection Molding and CNC Machining to offer end to end solution from design to prototype and finally, production for all different industries including Aerospace, Medical, Industrial and Consumer.

Rick Shibko is Director of Business Development at Catalysis Additive Tooling. Rick has spent most of his career  in the Purchasing Division at Honda of America Mfg. During his 29 years with the company, he worked in N.A. Procurement, New Model Development, Supply Chain Management, and N.A. Logistics. 

Steve Rengers is an industrial engineer and manufacturing expert with 25 years of experience spanning both traditional and additive manufacturing [AM] processes. Rengers is president, co-founder and partner at Vertex Manufacturing LLC in northern Cincinnati, Ohio, an advanced manufacturing company, specializing in metal additive manufacturing, rapid castings, and multi-axis CNC machining for aerospace, defense and medical applications.




Man with laptop looking away in reflection; overlayed with textNovember 17 |  12:00pm - 1:15pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

Feeling tired?  You’re not alone. Quarantine fatigue is real, and even if you’re back in the workplace, it could be a while before we’re “back to normal.” Even for those of us committed to things like exercise, nutrition, work-life balance, and meditation are feeling drained. 

This upcoming session is about Maximizing Your Energy in an Increasingly Scary World. During this workshop, you’ll get a chance to conduct a self-inventory of how you’re doing within four wellsprings of energy and discuss what you can do to live the best life you can, in a world that is fraught with uncertainty.  Learn about strategies that will help you to work, sleep, focus, and enjoy the things you love to do.  Walk away with commitments that will help you face the current challenges in your business and support your family and friends, colleagues and customers.

Cindy Maher is a co-founding partner and President of Leading Edge Coaching & Development. She leads a powerhouse of talented and comedic instructors who focus on bringing unique leadership learning experiences to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities around the U.S. and abroad. With more than 25 years of experience in leadership education, executive team development, and performance management strategies, Cindy has executed hundreds of organizational development projects for organizations across the globe. Cindy brings best practices and an innovative approach to all of her work whether she is working with a team of senior leaders, delivering keynotes at international conferences, or implementing organization-wide employee engagement surveys. 

Jamie Guite is thrilled to be a member of the Leading Edge Coaching & Development team. Bringing twenty years of teaching experience and running professional development programming on arts integration, Jamie combines her love of theatre and teaching to offer a humorous and memorable experience. Jamie has served as a teaching artist for numerous arts organizations as well as teaching throughout the New England area to educate teachers on how build fertile learning environments and raise student interest by incorporating the arts into their curriculum. A veteran improvisational performer, Jamie studied at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York City.  As the Director of Client Humor, Jamie works to deepen the level of comedy in every Leading Edge workshop, creating hilarious and sometimes poignant scenes that are customized to the client. 




December 4 - Quarterly Seminar: Diversity & Inclusion

December 9 - Training & Development

January 13 - Women's Event on Mentorship