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Image of a desktop with notebooks and papers; text overlay: Organizational Climate Change: Changing the Way You Change. Stephen Parry, Director, Sense & Adapt Academy: Adaptive Business Consulting and EducationApril 28 |  12:00pm - 1:00pm  |  Virtual Event on Zoom

As businesses our goal is to make our organizations resilient to change and achieve long-term profitability and growth - the idea being to weather the ups and downs of the market in the face of geopolitical conditions and black swan events like Covid-19. What is the starting point?

Firstly, we need to recognize that change is the norm, not the exception. Secondly, we need to understand how the organization affects change as a whole. So where do we go from there? We go to the work-climate. Work-climate is the synthesis of human engagement in your business, and it has been proven to be a primary indicator of long-term business performance and responsiveness, offering those who understand it potent insights into how their operations work. Just as climate is in nature a dominant force, work-climate is in your organization, and it is those who adapt that not only survive but thrive.

Staff, managers and leaders perceive, feel and think independently. However, when these perceptions, feelings and thoughts combine in the context of an organization and its customers, we get the work-climate. So, being able to analyze it, identify areas in need of improvement, and design solutions as one team is crucial. In this session, Stephen Parry, Director of the Sense and Adapt Academy: Adaptive Business Consulting + Education, will share one a case study conducted in a large, international company and how they informed their choices on how to re-design, transform and continually evolve their day-to-day operations for high levels of adaptability and customer centricity.

More specifically, we will examine:

• Competing on high-value and effectiveness vs low-cost commodity and efficiencies and how the choice affects adaptability and overall response to change.
• Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an industrial work-climate and an adaptive work-climate.
• Taking a modernized approach to people management and leadership styles.

Stephen Perry has a world-class reputation for passionate leadership and creating organizations with superior work-climates by changing the way employees, managers and leaders think about the business. He is the recipient of several national business awards and in 2020 and 2021 was recognized as a top CX influencer by Customer Experience MagazineHis work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the BBC, Channel 4, Harvard Business Review, and most recently in The Journal of Business Agility: Emergence.  In addition to several white papers, articles and research publications, Stephen has authored Introduction to Adaptive Business Practices, Change Readiness:  Planting the Seeds for Change Success, and Sense and Respond:  The Journey to Customer Purpose. Stephen has implemented his transformation work globally in telecommunications, IT, outsourcing, shared services, legal services, retail, manufacturing, cloud services and financial services.  He has also worked in the public sector with police authorities and municipal governments.




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