Mi Kyong Newsom is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Science. She rejoined Fisher in 2016 and is responsible for the coordination and teaching of the undergraduate core operation management courses. Dr. Newsom also teaches Lean Six Sigma in Fisher’s EMBA and MBOE programs. She received the Student Athlete Advising Board Faculty Recognition and multiple letters of commendation from the Dean for outstanding teaching performance.

As the program leader for Pathways for Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Careers, Dr. Newsom serves as mentor and coach for the scholarship women recipients throughout their freshmen academic year resulting in summer internships from the financial sponsors, Motorist Mutual Insurance and Wendy’s Quality Supply Chain Co-operative. She also serves as faculty advisor for 2nd Chance, a student organization that promotes literacy for kids with incarcerated parents.

Prior to joining Fisher, Dr. Newsom spent 12 years in a variety of technical and commercial roles for Eastman Chemical Company, including co-authoring a patent for 1,4-cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid in polyester powder coatings. She then moved to the business side of Eastman Chemical Company where she was certified as six sigma commercial black belt that resulted in savings over $30 million from her two key projects in feedstock hedging and commercial pricing.


  • PhD, Operations Management, The Ohio State University
  • MBA, Drexel University
  • BS, Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


  • BUSMGT 3230 - Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in Organizations

    Introduction to operations and supply chain management to improve manufacturing and service organizations; analyzing, controlling and improving resources and processes to increase productivity, generate value-added output and meet business goals. Prereq: Econ 2001.01 (200), 2002.01 (201); and Stat 1430 (133) or equivalent. Not open to students with credit for 3130 (430) or 630, or to students enrolled in UUSS, UExp or PreBSBA-PR.

  • BUSMGT 4239 - Managing Process Improvement

    Describes the basics of establishing and managing a Lean process in service, office and manufacturing operations. We will look at how we can add value in delivery of goods or services to the customer. Prereq: 2320 (330), 2321 (331), 3230 (630), and AcctMIS 2200 (211), 2300 (212), and BusMHR 2291 or 2292 (BusADM 499.01). Not open to students with credit for 739.

  • BUSMGT 7242 - Six Sigma Principles

    Familiarizes students with the Six Sigma process improvement methodology by practicing with its tools. Supplemented with an online textbook from, project simulation that runs throughout the semester and Minitab statistical software. Prereq: MBA 6271 (870), or enrollment in MBLE program. Not open to students with credit for 810.