Bonnie Schroeder

Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences

Operations and Business Analytics


BUSOBA 2320 - Decision Sciences: Statistical Techniques
Examination of the use of statistical techniques in managerial decision-making processes; statistical inference, simple and multiple regression, time series. Prereq: Math 1131 or 1151, and Stat 1430, and CSE 1113 or 2111, and Econ 2001.01. Prereq or concur: Econ 2002.01. This course is available for EM credit.
BUSOBA 2321 - Business Analytics
Examination of the use of business analytic models used in managerial decision making processes. Emphasis on formulation and interpretation of models; supported by spreadsheet based software. Prereq: Math 1131 or 1151 or equiv., and CSE 1113 or 2111, and Econ 2001.01 or equiv., and Econ 2002.01 or equiv.