Dr. Jurriaan de Jong is an assistant professor in the Management Sciences department. From 2013-2019, he worked at the Jacobs School of Management at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he taught in the MBA, undergraduate, and executive education programs. Dr. De Jong currently teaches the Core Operations Management course in the Full time MBA, Working Professional MBA, and Undergraduate programs. In addition, he teaches graduate elective courses, Operations Strategy, and Healthcare Operations Management. He is also one of the faculty members for Fisher's non-degree Executive Education program, and for the Master of Business Operational Excellence (MBOE) program. Dr. De Jong earned a PhD in Operations Management from Ohio State and an MS and BS in Industrial Engineering & Management Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Dr. De Jong’s research interests focus on buyer-supplier relationships, in the healthcare supply chain and other environments. His articles have appeared in the Production & Operations Management, Healthcare Management Science, Journal of Management & Governance, and Computers & Industrial Engineering, among others.

Dr. De Jong has extensive work experience, in a variety of managerial, consulting and industrial engineering roles, at Starbucks Coffee, and Abercrombie & Fitch, among others. His research and education have included engagements with the Wexner Medical Center, Tata Management Training Center (India), Textron, New Era Cap, Kaleida Health, Buffalo General Medical Center, Catholic Health, and Harmac Medical products.

Areas of Expertise

Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean and Agile Supply Chain Strategies
  • Supply Chain Integration
Production/Operations Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Buyer-Supplier Relationship
  • Six Sigma


PhD, Operations Management, The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business

MS and BS, Industrial Engineering & Management Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Working Papers


  • Focused Factory and Competition in the Healthcare Industry
  • Healthcare Procurement Excellence in India
  • U.S. Hospital Efficiency and Quality. Bayesian Stochastic Frontier approach



  • BUSOBA 7268 - MBOE Six Sigma Projects

    The course familiarizes students with operational excellence beyond the organizational boundaries with a specific focus on supply chain strategy, supply chain design, managing buyer-supplier relationships, and understanding psychological behaviors in supply chain relationships. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE.

  • BUSOBA 3230 - Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in Organizations

    Introduction to operations and supply chain management to improve manufacturing and service organizations; analyzing, controlling and improving resources and processes to increase productivity, generate value-added output and meet business goals. Prereq: Econ 2001.01 or 2002.01, and Stat 1430 or equiv.; or Math 1151 or 1154, and enrollment in BSET program. Not open to students with credit for 3130, or to students enrolled in UExp or PreBSBA-PR.

  • BUSOBA 7235 - Health Care Operations Management

    As healthcare organizations face challenges such as rising costs & complexity, as well as increasing demand for limited resources, significant opportunity exists to better manage their operations. This course applies operations management tools to examine the healthcare value chain & analyze healthcare organizations using qualitative & quantitative principles & develop solutions to common problems. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA or WPMBA program.

  • BUSOBA 7259 - Operations and Technology Strategy

    Develop a unifying framework for analyzing strategic issues in operations. Use theory and cases to illustrate and explore the concept of operations and technology strategy. Covers strategic decisions on technology, facilities, vertical integration, human resources, global operations and social issues. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA, WPMBA, or MAcc program.

  • MBA 6233 - Operations Management

    Operations Management (MBA 6233) is designed to provide a solid foundation and deeper understanding of how the operations function contributes to ensuring effective and efficient flow of materials and information within and outside the organization. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA, or permission of instructor.

  • BUSOBA 7269 - MBOE Change & Innovation for Ops Excellence

    Course is designed to familiarize students with the application of lean principles in three additional key areas of the organization. The total lean transformation requires a change in the way we lead throughout the organization. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 847.

  • BUSOBA 7262 - MBOE Capstone/Cornerstone Project

    Capstone Project is a supervised practical project executed by the student with the help of a team in the student's own workplace. A faculty coach supervises and guides the effort and a company sponsor supports the effort of the student team. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 841. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 cr hrs.