David  Veech

David Veech

Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences

Management Sciences


David Veech is a senior lecturer in the Department of Management Sciences. Veech joined the university in 2013 after serving as executive director of the Institute for Lean Systems (ILS) for seven years, coaching and consulting with clients in a wide range of industries. His research focuses on people in organizations and how lean, leadership and learning systems contribute to overall employee satisfaction and well-being. He delivers keynotes and seminars on topics related to leadership, problem solving, suggestion systems, employee involvement, team building and creating satisfying workplaces.

Prior to starting ILS in 2006, Veech was a lecturer in the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky. He joined the University of Kentucky after retiring from the US Army in 2001. He taught in the Defense Acquisition University from 1998 to 2001 and was assistant professor of military science at Stetson University from 1988 to 1991. He also serves as senior adviser and director of finance for the Compression Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to guiding learning organizations to dramatically reduce consumption of resources while maintaining or improving the quality of life of their people and communities.

Areas of Expertise

  • People development
  • Problem solving
  • Lean systems


  • MS in Industrial Management, Clemson University
  • BA in International Relations, Western Kentucky University



Veech is the author of The C4 Process:  Four Vital Steps to Better Work andFirstLine:  A Team Leader’s Guide to Lean Thinking.


  • BUSMGT 4239 - Managing Process Improvement

    Describes the basics of establishing and managing a Lean process in service, office and manufacturing operations. We will look at how we can add value in delivery of goods or services to the customer. Prereq: 2320 (330), 2321 (331), 3230 (630), and AcctMIS 2200 (211), 2300 (212), and BusMHR 2291 or 2292 (BusADM 499.01). Not open to students with credit for 739.

  • BUSMGT 7241 - Lean Enterprise Leadership

    Introduces the skills and discipline needed to lead and learn in a continuous improvement environment in a hands-on, participative manner. Students who complete the class can immediately contribute to an organization's efforts in continuous improvement, whose principles are used by many leading organizations in all sectors to outpace competitors year after year. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA, WPMBA, or MBLE program. Not open to students with credit for 840.

  • BUSMGT 7263 - MBOE Value Stream Management

    Presents students with the state-of-the-art strategic and operational approaches to planning and implementing effective change across an enterprise. Students will be taught to identify and analyze concerns and implement solutions. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 842.

  • BUSMGT 7264 - MBOE Stabilizing Operations

    The objective of this course is to present students with the state-of-the-art tools for stabilizing operations and maintaining stability. Students will be taught to identify and analyze strategic core enterprise-wide concerns and implement solutions. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 843.

  • BUSMGT 7265 - MBOE Creating and Managing Flow

    This class will cover flow in both service and manufacturing environments. We will consider questions such as how to achieve patient flow in a hospital; and whether Materials Requirements Planning systems and flow processes can co-exist. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 845.

  • BUSMGT 7269 - MBOE Change & Innovation for Ops Excellence

    Course is designed to familiarize students with the application of lean principles in three additional key areas of the organization. The total lean transformation requires a change in the way we lead throughout the organization. Prereq: Enrollment in MBOE. Not open to students with credit for 847.

  • BUSMGT 7800 - Advanced Topics in Management Sciences for EMBA

    Advanced Topics in Management Sciences for students in the Executive MBA Program. Prereq: Enrollment in EMBA program. Repeatable to a maximum of 15 cr hrs or 7 completions.