Department of Finance
Faculty and Staff

Department of Finance

Our faculty team comprises a mix of 22 tenure-track finance faculty, one business-law tenure-track faculty, four clinical faculty, 20 senior lecturers (includes part-time and full-time) and about 15 adjuncts each academic year. This diverse group excels in research and teaching, making significant contributions to their fields and the classroom.

Our tenure-track professors are renowned financial economists. During the 2019-2023 period, the department stood 6th globally in finance research based on the number of publications per capita in the top three finance journals, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, according to Olin Business School Center for Finance and Accounting Research (CFAR) rankings. Notably, Professor René Stulz has surpassed 110,000 citations on Google Scholar, underlining the strength of our faculty’s influential research. Awards like the college’s PaceSetter Faculty Research Award and the University's Distinguished Scholar award further recognize our faculty's research excellence. They also bring their research insights into the classroom, enriching students' learning with real-world applications.

Our clinical faculty and senior lecturers focus intensely on teaching, contributing significantly to both undergraduate, graduate, and Executive Education programs. They hold leadership roles, innovate in educational methods, and have received numerous awards for their teaching prowess. Their commitment ensures our students are well-prepared for leadership roles in finance, benefiting from cutting-edge learning experiences that blend traditional and digital approaches.

Chair: Bernadette A. Minton

Finance Faculty

Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-DavidProfessor of Finance, Neil Klatskin Chair in Finance & Real Estate
Justin BirruAssociate Professor of Finance
Brad BodineSenior Lecturer in Finance
Aditya ChaudhryAssistant Professor of Finance
Susan ClarkSenior Lecturer in Finance
Ernest DancerSenior Lecturer in Finance
Khosrow DoroodianSenior Lecturer in Finance
Isil ErelProfessor of Finance, David A. Rismiller Chair in Finance
Thomas FlanaganAssistant Professor of Finance
Andrei S. GonçalvesAssociate Professor of Finance
Kewei HouProfessor of Finance, Ric Dillon Endowed Professor in Investments
Victor LyonnetAssistant Professor of Finance
Anil K. MakhijaDean, Fisher College of Business; John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business
James ManiaceSenior Lecturer in Finance
Tom MelingAssistant Professor of Finance
Alessandro MeloneAssistant Professor of Finance
Bernadette A. MintonProfessor of Finance, Department Chair, Arthur E. Shepard Endowed Professor in Insurance
Christopher O'DanielSenior Lecturer in Finance
Daniel OgleveeSenior Lecturer in Finance
Kennia PapadakisSenior Lecturer in Finance
Billy PattersonSenior Lecturer in Finance
George PinterisAssociate Clinical Professor of Finance
Birsel PirimAssistant Clinical Professor of Finance
Taner PirimSenior Lecturer in Finance
Steve SalopekSenior Lecturer in Finance
Sergey SarkisyanAssistant Professor of Finance
Christoph SchillerAssistant Professor of Finance
Tod SchneiderSenior Lecturer in Finance
Sharon ShafferSenior Lecturer in Finance
Amin ShamsAssistant Professor of Finance
Matt SheridanSenior Lecturer in Finance
Ivan SmithSenior Lecturer in Finance
Derik StaufenbergSenior Lecturer in Finance
Stephen StuckwischSenior Lecturer in Finance
René M. StulzProfessor of Finance, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics
Petra VokataAssistant Professor of Finance
Ronnie WeinerSenior Lecturer in Finance
Michael S. WeisbachProfessor of Finance, Ralph W. Kurtz Chair in Finance
Jay WellmanAssociate Clinical Professor of Finance
Ingrid M. WernerProfessor of Finance, Martin & Andrew Murrer Professor of Finance
Royce WestSenior Lecturer in Finance
Michael WittryAssistant Professor of Finance
Karen Hopper WruckProfessor of Finance, Dean's Distinguished Professor in Finance
Yufeng WuAssociate Professor of Finance
Lu ZhangProfessor of Finance, Dean's Distinguished Chair in Finance
Shaojun ZhangAssistant Professor of Finance
Chad ZipfelSenior Lecturer in Finance

Business Law Faculty

John David BlackburnAssociate Professor of Legal Environment of Business
Joseph IrvineSenior Lecturer in Law


Trey AddisonAdjunct in Finance
Vikram AiriAdjunct in Finance
Bobby CarpenterAdjunct in Finance
Jackie DownsAdjunct in Finance
Chris EllisAdjunct in Finance
Julie HelmreichAdjunct in Finance
Tammy IzzoAdjunct in Finance
Vanessa KinneyAdjunct in Finance
Paul KrimmAdjunct in Finance
Rudi SchadtAdjunct in Finance
Jim SextonAdjunct in Finance
Jeffrey StandleyAdjunct in Finance
Naresh VadrevuAdjunct in Finance
Andrea WiltroutAdjunct in Finance
Peter YorkAdjunct in Finance

Emeritus Faculty

Stephen A. BuserProfessor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1975-2002
Deborah A. BallamProfessor of Legal Environment of Business
at OSU 1982-2010
Patric H. HendershottProfessor of Finance; Professor of Public Policy
at OSU 1981-2000
Edward H. JenningsPresident Emeritus; Professor of Finance
at OSU 1981-2002
Michael L. SmithAssociate Professor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1978-2004
Ralph WalklingProfessor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1985-2005


The Finance Department staff help support the college's faculty, programs, and centers. Listed below are the staff who provide the day-to-day help.

Nic HipplerAdministrative Assistant, Finance
Kellen HolsingerAcademic Program Coordinator, Finance
Nina MalloyAcademic Program Coordinator, Finance
Robyn SchollAssociate Director, Dice Center for Financial Economics
Department Administrator, Finance Department