Department of Finance
Faculty and Staff

Department of Finance

Our faculty are active researchers who have a long tradition of being leaders in their fields and contributing their expertise to businesses, policy makers, and government officials. Faculty regularly publish in top-tier finance and economic journals such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Economic Review, and the Journal of Political Economy.

Our faculty also are dedicated educators who prepare students to become effective leaders in finance careers in both the private and public sectors. The Finance Faculty are consistently engaged in developing leading educational approaches, focusing on action-based learning and the use of technology both in the classroom and through hybrid course delivery. Their impact on the college and the student body is reflected in the many teaching awards bestowed upon them in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Chair: Bernadette A. Minton

Finance Faculty
Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-David Professor of Finance, Neil Klatskin Chair in Finance & Real Estate
Justin Birru Associate Professor of Finance
Susan Clark Senior Lecturer in Finance
Isil Erel Professor of Finance, David A. Rismiller Chair in Finance
Andrei S. Gonçalves Associate Professor
Kewei Hou Professor of Finance, Ric Dillon Endowed Professor in Investments
Victor Lyonnet Assistant Professor of Finance
Anil K. Makhija Dean, Fisher College of Business; John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business
Tom Meling Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
Alessandro Melone Instructor
Bernadette A. Minton Professor of Finance, Department Chair, Arthur E. Shepard Endowed Professor in Insurance
Thien Tung Nguyen Assistant Professor of Finance
Daniel Oglevee Senior Lecturer in Finance
Kennia Papadakis Senior Lecturer in Finance
Billy Patterson Senior Lecturer in Finance
George Pinteris Associate Clinical Professor of Finance
Birsel Pirim Assistant Clinical Professor of Finance
Taner Pirim Senior Lecturer in Finance
Steve Salopek Senior Lecturer in Finance
Tod Schneider Senior Lecturer in Finance
Sharon Shaffer Senior Lecturer in Finance
Amin Shams Assistant Professor of Finance
Matt Sheridan Senior Lecturer in Finance
Derik Staufenberg Senior Lecturer in Finance
Stephen Stuckwisch Senior Lecturer in Finance
René M. Stulz Professor of Finance, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics
Petra Vokata Assistant Professor of Finance
Ronnie Weiner Senior Lecturer in Finance
Michael S. Weisbach Professor of Finance, Ralph W. Kurtz Chair in Finance
Jay Wellman Associate Clinical Professor of Finance
Ingrid M. Werner Professor of Finance, Martin & Andrew Murrer Professor of Finance
Royce West Senior Lecturer in Finance
Michael Wittry Assistant Professor
Karen Hopper Wruck Professor of Finance, Dean's Distinguished Professor in Finance
Lu Zhang Professor of Finance, Dean's Distinguished Chair in Finance
Shaojun Zhang Assistant Professor of Finance
Chad Zipfel Senior Lecturer in Finance


Business Law Faculty
John David Blackburn Associate Professor of Legal Environment of Business
Joseph Irvine Senior Lecturer in Law


Trey Addison Adjunct in Finance
Vikram Airi Adjunct in Finance
Bruce Burkholder Adjunct in Finance
Bobby Carpenter Adjunct in Finance
Ernie Dancer Adjunct in Finance
Chris Ellis Adjunct in Finance
Kenneth Bruce Gold Adjunct in Finance
Julie Helmreich Adjunct in Finance
Tammy Izzo Adjunct in Finance
Paul Krimm Adjunct in Finance
James Maniace Adjunct in Finance
Mary Oellermann Adjunct in Finance
Jonathan Ramsden Adjunct in Finance
Jeffrey Standley Adjunct in Finance


Emeritus Faculty
Stephen A. Buser Professor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1975-2002
Deborah A. Ballam Professor of Legal Environment of Business
at OSU 1982-2010
Patric H. Hendershott Professor of Finance; Professor of Public Policy
at OSU 1981-2000
Edward H. Jennings President Emeritus; Professor of Finance
at OSU 1981-2002
Michael L. Smith Associate Professor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1978-2004
Ralph Walkling Professor of Finance, Emeritus
at OSU 1985-2005


The Finance Department staff help support the college's faculty, programs, and centers. Listed below are the staff who provide the day-to-day help.

Staff Member Phone E-mail
Ivette Diaz
Academic Program Coordinator, Finance Department
Tracy Hanson
Academic Program Coordinator, Finance Department

Keiziya Pate
Program Assistant, Finance Department

Robyn Scholl
Associate Director, Dice Center for Financial Economics
Department Administrator, Finance Department