Jim Sexton joined the Fisher College of Business instructional staff in August 2016 after retiring from 35+ years working at JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) and acquired affiliates.  Sexton started his career after earning a BS (Accounting) and MBA (Finance emphasis) from Arizona State University.  At JPMC, Sexton rose to Managing Director in the JPMorgan Asset Management division where he held positions as an equity analyst, equity portfolio manager, fixed income portfolio manager, supervised fixed income and counterparty risk and worked in multi-asset portfolio management.  He served as a long time member, vice-chair and retired as chair of the Investor Funds Asset Allocation Committee.  During his career Sexton participated in a variety of business management activities, including working on the committee implementing the merger of the asset management divisions of Banc One and JPMorgan Chase.  During his long tenure at JPMC Sexton served private individual, institutional and mutual fund investment clients.


  • BUSFIN 4255 - International Finance

    The goal is to provide a framework for making financial decisions in an international context. The course is divided into three sections: 1) the international financial environment, 2) international investment analysis, and 3) international corporate finance. Students will be exposed to a broad range of topics, including some of the latest developments in global financial markets. Prereq or concur: 4211 and 4221.