Department of Finance

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The Finance Department curriculum covers a broad range of specializations and programs. Each academic program is designed to set students up for success through a rigorous curriculum that is leading-edge in its focus.

Finance students have the opportunity to:

  • work with our faculty and experience how insights from the forefront of research can be used in practical business applications
  • combine traditional classroom learning with real-world applications by:
    • managing part of The Ohio State University Endowment in the Student Investment Management course
    • trading and making a market in simulated securities in the Trading and Markets course
    • working with Diamond Hill Capital Management analysts in the Applied Fundamental Investing course and
    • collaborating with regional firms on a variety of 8-week consulting projects (Specialized Masters in Finance (SMF) program)
  • networking with our Finance alumni in our courses, at alumni events, and in Undergraduate and Graduate finance related organizations

To learn more about careers in Finance, visit the Office of Career Management website or to receive more information on the guidelines and requirements for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, visit the CFA website.

Finance Specialization

The new Finance curriculum allows students to choose from one of three Advanced Finance courses: Advanced Corporate Finance, Advanced Investments and Risk Management. Please see the advising sheet below for the Finance specialization curriculum.



The Insurance specialization prepares students for the various employment opportunities in the field of insurance. Please the advising sheet below for the Insurance specialization curriculum.


Real Estate and Urban Analysis Major

The real estate specialization prepares students for the various employment opportunities in the field of real estate, focusing on the necessary skills to solve complex problems and understand the impact that the physical environment has on the shape and nature of communities. Please see the advising sheet below of the Real Estate and Urban Analysis specialization curriculum.


Real Estate Minor

The real estate minor provides students with an opportunity to complement their major studies with a specialization in real estate. Please see Real Estate Minor curriculum sheet for more information.