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Student Investment Management

The OSU Student Investment Management Program (SIM) combines traditional academic objectives with the practical demands of hands on investment management. The program offers the university a unique opportunity to deliver high quality practical education in an area of considerable interest to students and employers alike.

From an academic perspective, the Student Investment Management Program (SIM) focuses on developing the students' understanding of the institutional structure and fundamental concepts of asset valuation in financial markets. To do so, analytical tools are developed to study the valuation of different types of securities. Furthermore, theoretical material and real world applications are balanced to give the students an understanding of investment theory and portfolio development.

In the classroom, the students become active portfolio managers of the SIM Portfolio. The students engage in a group decision-making process while gaining real world portfolio management experience. For many students, this is their first exposure to real world portfolio management and, consequently, lays the foundation for their future careers in this field.

Outside of the classroom, the Student Investment Management (SIM) Program concentrates on establishing and maintaining ties with the business community, which in turn, creates positive public relations for both the Fisher College of Business and The Ohio State University. The program reaches deep into the financial community and gains access to resources seldom seen in an academic environment. In addition, students often further benefit by gaining a competitive advantage for elite internship and full-time employment opportunities in a variety of financial arenas.

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