Tom Meling joined the Department of Finance at Fisher in 2022 after completing a postdoctoral scholarship at the University of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Bergen. During his doctoral studies, he was a visiting scholar at HKUST and UC Berkeley.

Professor Meling’s research spans a variety of areas within corporate finance, household finance, and market microstructure. He has published scholarly articles in top finance journals such as the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, and Review of Finance.

Professor Meling teaches corporate finance to undergraduate students at Fisher.


Broadband Internet and the Stock Market Investments of Individual Investors. With Hans Hvide, Magne Mogstad, and Ola Vestad.  Journal of Finance, Forthcoming.

Tick Size Wars: The Market Quality Effects of Pricing Grid Competition. With Sean Foley and Bernt Arne Ødegaard. Review of Finance, March 2023.

Do Temporary Demand Shocks Have Long-term Effects for Startups? With Hans Hvide. Review of Financial Studies, January 2023.

Anonymous Trading in Equities. Journal of Finance, April 2021.


BUSFIN 4211 - Corporate Finance
Analysis of advanced capital budgeting problems through understanding the theories and applications of capital structure, leasing and real options. Theories and applications in corporate control, corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions. Prereq: 3220, AcctMIS 2200, 2300, BusOBA 2320, 2321, and BusMHR 2291 or 2292. Not open to students with credit for 4210 or 4212.