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Review the application requirements and deadlines below and then start your application to Fisher's Full-Time MBA program. 

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Our MBA Admissions Committee is charged with the task of building not just an incoming class but a cohesive “micro-community."

It is important that you demonstrate your academic aptitude, showcase your leadership and teamwork experiences, highlight your involvement in community organizations or professional associations, and provide insight into the personal experiences that will enable you to add value to the Fisher community. Be true to yourself; do not just tell us what you think we want to hear.

  • Open/Close Academic Transcripts

    One of the basic requirements for admission to Fisher is the completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent prior to matriculation. The Ohio State University does not recognize a three-year bachelor’s degree to be comparable to the four-year bachelor’s degree. To determine if you meet the degree requirements for The Ohio State University, contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions at gradadmissions@osu.edu.

    You are required to submit transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate institution attended. Coursework from one institution reported as transfer credit on another school's transcript does not meet Ohio State's definition of a transcript. Separate transcripts must be submitted if you received any transfer credit from other institutions.

    In cases where examination results or grades are not released, please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions at gradadmissions@osu.edu.

    The MBA Admissions Committee reviews scanned copies of official transcripts uploaded in your application for evaluation purposes. Transcripts should include all work previously completed and work currently in progress. If you have taken (or are taking) courses at The Ohio State University, you do not need to submit transcripts for those grades as the Admissions Office will obtain your Ohio State grades directly from the University Registrar’s Office.

    IMPORTANT: If you are admitted to the MBA program, you will be required to submit official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts to the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions.

    You can watch our webinar covering the most common mistakes that applicants make when providing academic transcripts as part of their graduate program application. The Director of Admissions and Recruiting will also point out critical requirements for your transcript(s) to make for a seamless application process. 

    Watch the Transcript Requirement webinar

    Where To Send Official Transcripts



    Request that your transcripts be sent electronically from the issuing institution directly to gpadocs@osu.edu. If your institution does not send official electronic transcripts, you may order them to be sent to us. Transcripts must come directly to us from the issuing institution; they cannot come from the applicant, even if they're in a sealed envelope.

    Graduate and Professional Admissions
    P.O. Box 182004
    Columbus, OH 43218-2004


    Send copies of international transcripts, diplomas or degree certificates and English translations in sealed university envelopes to:

    Graduate and Professional Admissions
    The Ohio State University
    Student Academic Services Building
    281 W. Lane Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43210-1132 USA


    • Because not all international institutions send transcripts on demand, we will accept official transcripts sent to Graduate and Professional Admissions by the applicant if they arrive in sealed university envelopes.
    • International transcript documents should include certified educational records and degree certificates or diplomas.
    • All documents must be received in the original language with official English translations. Student-made translations are not accepted.
  • Open/Close Test Scores (waivers available)


    All applicants are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) unless approved for a waiver. There is NO minimum GMAT or GRE score required to enter our program. GMAT and GRE scores are valid for five years from the date you took the test. We recommend looking at the most recent class profile to understand what the class averages look like as a comparison point. Send an official score report directly to the Fisher MBA Program.


    As part of our continuing efforts to identify and meet the needs of all future leaders who are committed to improving their lives through graduate education, the Full-Time MBA program at Fisher College of Business is now offering GMAT/GRE test waivers for applicants. MBA applicants seeking a test waiver will have additional weight placed on remaining application components and will be asked to submit a supplemental essay.

    Our waiver review process is a holistic one, designed to identify and attract students whose talent, dedication and diverse perspectives will further enhance the Fisher community. Other qualities that may distinguish you as a candidate for a test waiver include work experience, professional certifications, undergraduate GPA, awards, military experience, LSAT/MCAT scores, analytical expertise or quantitative ability.

    While a test waiver may benefit some MBA candidates, individuals should consider personal circumstances when applying. The GMAT and GRE exams are standard benchmarks for applicants wishing to signal their suitability for a rigorous MBA programWaiver decisions are at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. You may not request a waiver if you have already taken the exam and requested your scores be sent to The Ohio State University.

    Learn more about requesting a waiver



    Veterans and active-military bring leadership qualities and unique experience to the classroom, making them an excellent fit for the program and a GMAT/GRE waiver. Learn about Fisher's military-friendly MBA program.


    The Full-Time MBA program recognizes the cross-disciplinary knowledge dual degree students provide to each incoming class. As a result, LSAT or MCAT scores can be considered instead of GMAT or GRE scores for dual degree students. Learn more about dual degrees.


    Ohio State's Graduate School requires you to demonstrate English proficiency by taking the TOEFL or the IELTS. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Ohio State will also accept the Duolingo English Test in addition to the TOEFL or IELTS. Click here for additional information on English proficiency requirements, exemptions, and minimum scores.

  • Open/Close Resume

    A detailed resume or curriculum vitae gives the MBA Admissions Committee a snapshot of your professional and academic career as well as showcases your extracurricular and community involvement.

    The resume also gives us an idea of how you would present yourself to a prospective employer and helps us evaluate your potential for successful career placement upon completion of the Fisher MBA program.

    Resumes can be longer than one page to account for additional details about your school and work history, accomplishments, awards, community or professional organizations or other information that would be relevant for the Admissions Committee.

    For more information about writing your Fisher resume, view our resume tutorial PDF.

  • Open/Close Essay

    You will be required to complete a written essay response. The essay question gives you the opportunity to present yourself more fully to our MBA Admissions Committee and to provide insight into your experiences, goals, and thought processes.


    What are your short-term and long-term goals? How/why will an MBA help you achieve those goals?

    Maximum words: 500



    This optional essay can be used to address any circumstances you’d like the Admissions Committee to be aware of (gaps in work history, academic performance, choice of recommenders, etc.).

    Maximum words: 500

  • Open/Close References or Optional Letters of Recommendation

    You may choose to either list your references or have us send an OPTIONAL electronic letter of recommendation request to each recommender on your behalf. If you choose to provide letters of recommendation, you will answer YES to the question "Do you wish for Fisher to email optional letter of recommendation requests to your references on your behalf?"


    The optional letters of recommendation provide the MBA Admissions Committee with further insight into your personality, your character, and your potential for success in the MBA program and beyond. You are not penalized for providing references only, however, we do reserve the right to contact them if necessary to make an admission decision. You will have plenty of other opportunities within the application to provide insight about yourself.

    Typically, one of your letters of recommendation should be from a professional context. We encourage you to choose individuals to recommend you who can attest to your scholarship, professional development, leadership potential, and personal character.

     NOTE: If you're eligible for Ohio State's Graduate Enrichment Fellowship OR University Fellowship, please submit three letters of recommendation to be considered.

  • Open/Close Video Interview

    Each applicant will be required to complete an online assessment comprised of pre-recorded video questions (delivered via Fisher's Kira Talent platform). Since live interviews are by invitation only, the video interview is a way for us to virtually meet you and get a sense of your personality and potential beyond what you've included in your application.

    When you start an application, you’ll receive an email invitation to complete your video interview. While it's recommended to complete the video interview within 2 weeks, the link will not expire. Your application cannot be reviewed until all items are complete, including your Kira video interview. 


    The process is simple - you will be asked a question, given prep time, and a set amount of time to respond. It should only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete and can be done on your own time. We recommend watching our "7 Tips to Ace your Kira Video Interview" webinar to understand how it works and to improve your application.

    7 Tips to Ace your Kira Video Interview


    You will require an internet-connected computer with a functioning webcam and microphone. The system allows for unlimited practice sessions, but once you start the formal interview questions, you only get one chance - this allows us to see your candid responses. Be yourself!

    If you have questions about access or want to request a disability-based accommodation, please contact fishergrad@fisher.osu.edu.

  • Open/Close Live Interview

    Interviews are offered by invitation only and are a required part of our evaluation process. We can conduct the interview on-campus or online. You will receive communications from our admissions team when you've been invited to select an interview option. 

    On-campus Interview: Recommended for domestic students. An in-person interview enables both you and Fisher to best evaluate your fit for the program. An on-campus interview offers the ability to meet admissions and career management, discuss financial aid, and tour campus. If cost is a barrier to visiting campus, please contact our team to learn how we can help. mba@fisher.osu.edu

    Online interview: We understand that an on-campus interview is not always feasible. It is typically recommended that international students, or students that have already visited campus, select this option. The web-based online interview is conducted live through Skype.

  • Open/Close Application Fee

    To process each application, we charge a non-refundable fee of $60 for domestic applicants and $70 for international applicants.

Ohio State Graduate School Students and Alumni

If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program at The Ohio State University or have graduated from one of the university’s graduate programs, you will need to complete one of these (TGP) forms in addition to your application:
Transfer of Graduate Program Form

Application Deadlines

3 reasons to apply early:

1. MERIT-BASED AID / SCHOLARSHIPS: Merit-based aid is available for all application rounds, but candidates who submit their application early are given priority consideration.

2. CLASS SIZE: Fisher intentionally limits its incoming class sizes. The earlier applicants submit their application, the more space we have available for potential students.

3. INTEREST: Applying early to Ohio State is a good signal that you place a priority on attending our MBA program. A strong interest in enrollment at Ohio State is highly valued by our admissions team.


The admissions committee reviews completed applications based on application rounds. We will review and release decisions based on the timeline for each round. If you have questions about the application process or want to connect before a deadline, we suggest you attend one of our Application Workshop webinars. Autumn 2023 classes begin on August 22, 2023.

Round Application Deadline Decision Date* Notes:
Early October 16, 2022 Nov. 18 Apply early and join us for a Fall Preview Day
Round 1 December 4, 2022 Jan. 27 University Fellowship consideration deadline**
Round 2 January 8, 2023 March 10 Recommended deadline for Red Carpet Weekend - April  21-22, 2023
Round 3 February 26, 2023 April 7 Priority funding/scholarship consideration and international deadline, including the final Red Carpet deadline.
Final Round May 12, 2023 June 23 Final domestic application deadline
After May 12 ASAP Rolling Admission Applications accepted on a space-available basis***

* To be considered in a specific application round, you must submit your application by the listed deadline AND complete your checklist in the portal no later than one week before the decision release date listed. We cannot review applications until they are complete. Questions? Email mba@fisher.osu.edu.

EARLY ROUND: Showing your interest in Ohio State early is a great indicator to us that you want to be a Buckeye. We encourage all applications to apply as early as possible so we can start conversations around funding/scholarships. Fall Preview Days are on-campus events typically offered in October and November and are a way for us to meet you. Students get a campus tour, connect with current students, meet career management and admissions, and have an opportunity to do a live interview. You may be eligible for up to a $500 stipend based on travel distance. Stay up to date on Fall Preview Days here.

ROUND 1 ** This is an important deadline for applicants looking to be considered for Ohio State Fellowship eligibility. These are university-wide awards and only select candidates are nominated. Fellowships are only one type of merit-based aid funding available. We have scholarships available in EVERY round, but you should apply as early as possible. Click here to view the basic fellowship requirements, then watch our University Fellowship and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship pre-recorded webinars.

ROUND 2: If you would like to attend the Red Carpet Weekend, you should target Round 2. Learn more about Red Carpet Weekend here. Red Carpet Weekend is for admitted students only and is our VIP event to prepare you for your MBA journey. Scholarships/merit-based funding is available in all rounds.

ROUND 3: If you are seeking merit-based funding we recommend applying no later than Round 3 for priority consideration. Funding is available in every round; however, it typically decreases as more rounds pass. Round 3 is also the recommended final deadline for international applicants. Scholarships/merit-based funding is available in all rounds.

FINAL ROUND*** Apply no later than this date if possible. Applications will be accepted after the final application deadline(s) on a space-available basis only. We will review and release decisions based on rolling admissions, which means we review applications as they are completed until the application is officially closed. Scholarships/merit-based funding is available in all rounds.

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