Full-Time MBA
Standardized Test Waiver (GMAT/GRE)

As part of our continuing efforts to identify and meet the needs of all future leaders interested in improving their lives through graduate education, the Full-Time MBA program offers GMAT/GRE test waivers for applicants. MBA applicants seeking a test waiver will have additional weight placed on the remaining application components and will be asked to submit a supplemental essay. 

Two requirements to be considered for a waiver:

1. Earned at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA on a U.S. four-point scale OR the equivalent of a “B” for those on a non-U.S. four-point scale. 


2. Display quantitative acumen through one of the following:

  • College-level quantitative coursework with a “B” grade or better (accounting, finance, algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, etc.)
  • An advanced degree, STEM degree, or certifications/licensures
  • Relevant quantitative-based work
  • Previous standardized test completion (i.e. LSAT/MCAT scores)

While a test waiver may benefit some MBA candidates, individuals should consider personal circumstances when applying. The GMAT and GRE exams are standard benchmarks for applicants wishing to signal their suitability for a rigorous MBA program and provide an additional point of consideration for the admissions team.

How to request a waiver:


Choose the waiver option

The waiver request is part of our online application. Simply answer "YES" to the question "Do you wish to request a GMAT/GRE waiver?"



Optional supplemental essay

 Students requesting a GRE/GMAT/EA test waiver may consider using this essay to clarify why they should receive a waiver. The admissions committee will utilize this in consideration of a waiver permission. It can also be used to address any circumstances you’d like the Admissions Committee to be aware of.

ClickSubmit your application

Complete the remainder of your application and submit it for consideration. 


Waivers are issued at the sole discretion of the Admissions Committee, and requests will not be considered until after an application has been submitted and all required documents are listed as complete in your application portal (i.e. transcripts, resume and essays). You may not request a waiver if you have already taken the exam and requested your scores be sent to The Ohio State University.

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