Full-time MBA

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We carefully review each of the components of the application process to identify individuals who are a great fit for Fisher.

What We Are Looking For

The MBA Admissions Committee looks for well-rounded students from a variety of backgrounds; individuals who have had diverse and stimulating life experiences that will enable them to add value to their classmates and to the Fisher community in meaningful ways.

Application Requirements

  • Open/Close Academic Aptitude

    We will examine your overall academic ability to ensure that you will thrive in our MBA classroom environment. We carefully review transcripts from your previous university coursework, as well the results of your standardized tests. We specifically will look for courses that demonstrate your quantitative, verbal and analytical skills. We also look at the quality and nature of your work experience to ensure that you are prepared to succeed in the classroom.

  • Open/Close Professional Accomplishments

    We have found that students who enter the program with substantive professional experience are poised to get the most out of the MBA program. These candidates can draw from their past experiences (working on teams, working in diverse industries, encountering challenges, learning new technology, etc.) as they learn how to be better business leaders in the future. Your resume, essay responses, and recommendation letters will give us insight into your past professional accomplishments as well as your future potential.

  • Open/Close Leadership Potential

    The goal of the Fisher MBA program is to prepare you for a lifelong career as a business leader who will make a positive impact in your organization and in your community. We will assess your leadership potential by reviewing your resume for past involvement at school, as well as accomplishments and contributions at work or in any professional or non-profit organizations. We will also refer to your essays and consider the feedback from your references. You will have the opportunity to discuss examples of your leadership experience during your admissions interview.

  • Open/Close Collaboration and Teamwork

    Teamwork is a critical element of the Fisher MBA program, as effective teamwork is fundamental to the success of any organization. We are interested in understanding how you communicate and interact with others. We hope to gain insight through your essays and recommendation letters about your communication style, your open-mindedness to others’ ideas, and your willingness to work with a diverse group of individuals.

  • Open/Close Personal Characteristics

    Your personal qualities and characteristics will have an immediate and visible impact on your classmates and school environment. We want to understand the characteristics that have contributed to your accomplishments to date and what experiences have made you the person that you are today. We strongly believe that diversity and differences in personality are critical to the dynamic and stimulating exchanges that are characteristic of our MBA community. Your essays, recommendation letters and interview will give us more insight into your personality and whether you are the right fit for Fisher.

Admissions Deadlines

The application is open. The admissions committee reviews completed applications based on application rounds. We will review and release decisions based on the timeline for each round. Please note- international applicants have an earlier final deadline. We also award merit-based funding on a rolling basis, so it is to your advantage to apply early, as the availability of specific funding opportunities declines as the application season progresses. Connect with Fisher on-campus, on the road, or online.

Application Deadlines

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