Full-Time MBA
Program Structure/Curriculum

Full-Time MBA candidates are supported throughout their two-year journey by their academic advisor, career coach, academic and managing directors, and core faculty as they prepare to embark upon a career within their chosen industry. The program is designed to equip each student with deep industry knowledge, a strong business acumen, and the essential technical and soft skills required to succeed as a business leader.  Fisher’s focus on cultivating and refining leadership skills from Day 0, paired with practical training through project-based courses and internships, translates into agile employees ready to lead upon graduation. 

Experiences Matter

Fisher’s Full-Time MBA journey emphasizes practical, immersive learning experiences and creating connections within and beyond the Fisher community.  From strategizing solutions for real-world client partners and leadership of student organizations to networking with alumni, employers, faculty, and peers through co-curricular and extracurricular programming, Full-Time MBA students are engaged and contributing members of Buckeye Nation. 

Experiential Learning For MBA Students

Fisher MBA Immersion Projects

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